Thursday, June 8

Bearded dragon diet: What do they eat?

The bearded dragon is gradually becoming a popular pet and it is considered a docile animal and very easy to raise. However, any pet will need to have a reasonable diet to grow well.

A good diet not only helps bearded dragons to grow healthy but also helps to improve their spirits.

Even experienced people have difficulty finding the most suitable bearded dragon diet. You can feed your pet anything but are they good for bearded dragons?

We will give you some information about bearded dragon diet so that you can build a proper diet for it.

#1 Insect

Insects are an abundant source of protein and are mainly for bearded dragons. Especially baby bearded dragons can’t live without insects.

However, not all insects can make bearded dragon food. You need to feed it the right kind of insect and the right amount to avoid affecting its digestion.

The safest and recommended insects for bearded dragons are crickets, dubias, small grasshoppers and mealworms.

The number of insects depends on the age of the bearded dragon. For example, a baby bearded dragon can eat about 30 insects a day but an adult bearded dragon should only eat about 10.

Some insects that should never be included in a bearded dragon diet are fireflies, poisonous bees, spiders, and wild insects. These insects are capable of carrying many pathogenic bacteria and can be harmful to bearded dragons.

Tips: Using the best UVB bulb and providing the ideal temperature and humidity will help bearded dragons eat better.

#2 Greens

Bearded dragons also need vitamins and minerals through vegetables and fruits.

Baby bearded dragon diets may not have leafy greens, but bearded dragons that are 1 year of age or older should have an alternate vegetarian diet. Feed them 80% protein – 20% green vegetables.

You should choose soft vegetables and berries for bearded dragon to eat. Make sure it is cut into small pieces and completely fresh to ensure the nutrition in it.

# 3 Water

Sure, no living thing could live without water. Please provide water for bearded dragon every day.