Thursday, September 23

How to maintain your meat slicers at home?

If you were get tired of manually cutting meat, bread, or cheese frequently, you will want to get the best meat slicers for home use. The meat slicer will help you save your energy and slice meat into perfect, equally-sized slices.

You will not have to spend an hour waiting the meat unfrozen if you have just taken it out of the freezer. This post is my experience of using, maintaining, and sharpen your meat slicer for home use.

#1 What is home-use meat slicer

No matter your meat slicer is home-use or commercial, they have the same advantage is work faster, more effective within less strength than a knife. But the home use meat slicer is and simplest version of meat slicer. The motor of it usually weaker than the commercial models.

But if you just looking for a meal slicer for everyday use to handle small amount of meat than they are more than enough. The face that it much cheaper than a commercial one.

#2 Tips for cleaning meat slicer

The first thing you have to do when it comes to clean your meat slicer is wear protective gloves and unconnected your machine and set the blade to zero. What’s difficult is that bits of food often get stuck in various nooks and crannies. You have to remove them, you can use paper towel or cloth.

Apart from removing the tray in the blade, there is a tip for you that you can use is to place the entire unit over an empty sink and just spray it with the faucet hose. This will help you easier to remove the stubborn food bits. Remember not make the bottom of the slicee get underwater.

After that, wipe the entire slicer with soap and sponge and spray and wash with clean water one more time. Finally, use a sanitizer to kill all the leftover bacteria.

#3 How do you sharpen your slicer?

After period time of using, your meat slicer will lose its sharpness. The simplest way to sharpen it is ass a bit of sharpening oil to the surface of the blade and put it in the sharpener. There are some meat slicers even come with a sharpener when purchase. Most of the time, it’s prepared specifically for the slicer’s blade.