I'm back from France!

You know what the best part of coming home is? Yep, finding a bunch of new packages waiting for you. :) ZARA Home recently started delivering to Slovenia, and since I love their home stuff, I needed to order a few things for our apartment. Here's what I got.


Let's start the haul with these gorgeous gold coasters. Our living room is kind of oak-gold-white themed, with some grey as well, so these look lovely, mixed with our current bamboo coasters as well. These were in the sale and are out of stock now, but you can check out more coasters here.

I also got 4 of the cutest geometrical white mugs, because we need to clean out our mug collection - we have a bunch of them that don't match at all, which bugs me to no end. These are 7€ a pop here.

A set of tea towels also found its way into my basket. I find we're always ruining them and they need to be replaced quite fast. Again, these are out of stock, but you can check out more tea towels here.


I got this really nice set of a glass and soap dispenser in white with a black border. I think they look really chic and they look great in our bathroom. I also got a white soap dispenser for our toilet. The prices for these range around 8€, and I think they look so classy in the bathroom.

I couldn't get past this tissue box with mother of pearl design. It was a bit of a disappointment as it's basically just a mask that you put over a paper box of tissues, but it still looks very pretty. I think it will look nice in my bedroom as well. It was crazy expensive (for what it is) though, so I'd think before ordering. I can't find it on the website but it was around 35€.

Missing in action is a grey bathmat I just couldn't make look good in the picture, oops! Overall I was pleased with my order - everything's a bit overpriced but the items are lovely.

I also placed a cheeky order on H&M home, which will probably be my next post. I have a tiny The Body Shop haul from the airport as well, so that will be coming in the next few days for all my beauty lovers. Hope you're keeping cool guys - this heat is killing me!
What is the last thing your bought for your home?