I've been shopping like crazy...

And I feel like I'm getting old, because nothing feels as good as shopping for things for my home at the moment! :) I placed an order on H&M Home and today I wanted to share a few cute things I picked up from them. I'm so excited they started delivering their home things to Slovenia!

Let's start of with this grey blanket, which comes in a few other colors (here's hoping I can eventually convince my boyfriend to get the pink one as well). It costs 30€ and it's incredibly soft, perfect for snuggling up! I'm kind of getting tired of those super soft polyester blankets because they get ruined fast and don't look very expensive, so this is a great alternative.

I also got a whole bunch of candles: Honey Blossom - a sweeter scent, Green Tea - sharp and citrusy, and Cotton Flower - gentle and soft. I'm so glad I was able to get a few candles from H&M, I love them and they're a good bargain at only 8€.

My favorite buy is probably this beautiful round vase, which is glass and has a gold rim on top. I think it would look stunning with peonies, which I really need to buy if they're even still in season! The vase costs 20€, and there is also a smaller version available.

I got a cute napkin holder which goes nicely with the coasters I showed you in my Zara haul. It cost 8€ which is a bit stupid since it's just a bit of metal... And it also comes in rose gold.

Finally, because I am a child, I got a plate and mug with a cat motif. Of course I had to buy them, do you even know me? :P I think they're adorable, and I'm pretty sure they're meant for children, but I'll probably use them for photos and decor. They are both 6€ and there is also a bowl available.

I'll definitely order from H&M home again. I keep wishing these companies did furniture as well because I'm sure it would be adorable. But until they get on that bandwagon, I'm happy with their cute decor stuff!
What's the last thing you bought for your apartment?