Summer 2016 Yankee Candle Haul

Hello, readers!

I thought I'd start my comeback with a post about my recent Yankee Candle purchases. I have to say, in the past few years I've grown a little addicted to these candles. I just have to have one burning at all times, and I usually stock up every month or so and buy 4 scents. They last about a week if I burn them daily, every evening, and I couldn't be more thrilled about them. They're definitely my favorite candle brand, though I'd love to try some Diptyque soon as well. Let's see which summery scents I got in June.

Yankee Candle Fluffy Towels

My boyfriend loves clean cotton scents, and he adores this one especially. I got it for him - since we both work from home now, it's quite relaxing to get into working mode by burning a lovely scent. This is very calming, somewhat sweet and soothing. It also has some fruity (apple, citrus) notes along with lavender. One that guys might like. I bought it here for 25€, but it's also available on the official YC website.

Yankee Candle Sicilian Lemon

I've had the Lemon Lavender candle before, and the sales associate told me it's one of their bestsellers. However, it's just not a scent I like. The combination of sharp lemon and calming lavender doesn't work for me at all, and I think the two notes clash. I thought a good substitute would be Sicilian Lemon, which is truly a perfect summer scent. Sweet, sharp and citrusy, it helps me relax and get to work! Available here for 25€. Couldn't find it on the official website - could be a limited edition scent?

Yankee Candle Peony

I saw my friend Kim get this, and I absolutely had to have it. I'm a huge fan of peonies and this scent transports me right to my grandma's garden. Her peonies bloom in the beginning of June, and she always gives me a bouquet, every single year. I adore this soft floral scent. It's quite powdery, very gentle and inoffensive. Something everyone would like. Available here for Slovenia, and here for the US. Limited edition, 25€.

Yankee Candle Summer Scoop

Now, I generally have a rule that I don't buy the same scent twice, but I've broken it a few times... One of the scents is Vanilla Lime, and the other is Summer Scoop. This is probably my favorite YC scent. It's berry ice cream topped with whipped cream and I adore it. It instantly puts me in a good mood. It's thankfully a permanent scent, and if you're gonna get one of these scents, get this one, because you won't regret it. Available here, and here for the US. 25€.

I've been burning a few of these scents already and I adore them. I hope this post inspired you to do some shopping of your own... Ooops, didn't mean to be bad to your wallet!
What's your favorite YC scent?


  1. I have smelt summer scoop before and I felt stupid afterwards for not buying it. I really wanna sniff that Sicilian lemon one now it sounds lovely!
    Nice post :)xx

  2. Pozdravljena nazaj! Zelo sem pogrešala tvoje objave in prefektne slike ♥ Prav včeraj sem naročila Summer scoop in komaj čakam, da prižgem svečko.

  3. Vse bi, čisto vse ampak Peony, to je pa moj must haveeee:). Vesela, ker si nazaj*

  4. I would have definitely picked up Peony and Sicilian Lemon too . Yum!

  5. I really want summer scoop, that sounds right up my street! I love Yankee Candles, the scents are always gorgeous.

    Just Little Things

  6. I love cotton-scented candles too! I currently have my favourite one by H&M burning :) the peony candle seems lovely too.


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