Pastel Nail Polish For Summer 2016

Time for some bright pastels!

I adore wearing brighter nail polish in spring and summer, so I prepared a round up of my favorite shades for the coming summer months. I'd love to know what you'll be reaching for in these sweltering hot days, as well :) Let's see which ones I've been loving...

The perfect nude

China Glaze Don't Honk Your Thorn has been on my nails a lot. It's one of those nude taupe shades that looks absolutely stunning on tanned skin (not that I'm tan... In fact, my mother kindly pointed out my legs were 'scary pale' just yesterday). This shade is really beautiful though, and it makes nails look longer somehow. Easy to apply as it's quite watery for a pastel, opaque in 2-3 coats. Price is around 6€.

Bright as can be

This stunning coral shade is by China Glaze, called Petal to the Metal. A stunning bright pastel - how do they manage that? Those two terms basically don't go together, but it's exactly what this is. A peach coral shade that looks stunning in the summer. I just adore ChG's formula, so easy to apply. Also around 6€.

A wash of blue

Catrice 114 The Sky So Fly is a calm blue shade that isn't particularly vibrant, but makes an impact with any outfit. I love the relaxed cool blue which looks chic and modern. And it's a bargain at around 3€ in drugstores! Opaque in 2 coats and easy to apply. I love these watery pastels, so much better to work with and not streaky at all.

Blueberry ice-cream

This Rimmel nail polish was a totally random find which cam in a beauty subscription box. The shade is Lovely Lilac, and I love that it's more a muted grey/purple color than some brighter violets. Really pretty and easy to apply. You might notice throughout this post that I am really damn lazy with my nail polish - it better apply well or I'm over it! I think this is around 4€.

The perfect cotton candy pink

China Glaze In a Lily Bit. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am. Easy to apply, pretty and chips like a mofo, but I can overlook that fact as it's just such a pretty color, and it's actually not a pain to apply (unlike the next shade). A bargain at around 6€ and one of my top 3 nail polishes of all time!

Pale pink & pretty

Essie Romper Room is the one I have, but it was limited edition, so you could also get Fiji (but that one is pinker). I adore pastel pink nails, and this one is very very light, with only a hint of pink to it. If you want something more pink, go for the ChG color above. Essies are around 10€ unless you catch them on a 2 for 1 offer, and they're some of my favorite polishes.

Peach Pink

Ciaté in Hoopla is the perfect coral/peach/pink color. Light, pastel and so very pretty. It takes a few more coats to make this one opaque, but I just love this brand's packaging (and will admit I mostly buy them for that cute bow). It's around 9€ in drugstores. Check out their gold glitter as well!


This blue by China Glaze is one of the best polishes in my collection. A muted shade as opposed to those bright, neon & vibrant blues we usually wear, it's so chic and pretty at the same time. The shade is What a Pansy and the price is around 6€.

What is your favorite nail polish of the summer?


  1. So many beautiful shades, I would happily wear them all! x

    Zoe Mountford x

    1. Hehe, I've been doing just that! x

  2. Sem šla takoj gledat swathce za Ciaté in Hoopla :) Cuuute <3 Edini Ciate lak v moji zbirki je Sugared Almonds, ki je bolj nude peachy odtenek. Krasen izbor :)

    1. Ooo tega imam tudi jaz! Krasen lakec :) x

  3. Vsi so mi prelepi. Essie so itak odlični, jaz bi izboru dodala še kakšenga od Loreala, moram sedaj preverit njihovo novdizaj, če je tudi formula kj drugačna:), tudi Deborah bi se našel kakšen za tukaj. Mi je pa od tvojih najprej v oko padel Ciate, kok je lepa marelična, koralna barva. Ta mi je res ful všeč. Komaj čakam,da mi spet nohtki zrastejo:)

    1. A veš da nimam nobenega Loreal lakca, me pa ful mikajo s krasnimi novimi flaškami :) x

  4. Tale Catrice lakec mi je super lep! ;) Essiji so tudi meni prirasli k srcu. Dolgo jih nisem marala ker so se mi enostavno odluščili dol že tekom prvega dneva, sedaj pa so moji nohti v boljšem stanju in Essie laki obstanejo nekje tri do 4 dni brez problemov!

    1. Meni se na žalost vsi laki odluščijo :/ Se nagibam h gel nohtom zadnje čase. x


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