Jimmy Choo Blossom EDP

Let's start with a long overdue where have I been...

I took a trip to Amsterdam in April, and on the second-to-last day, I fell down some stairs at the metro station. It was the stupidest accident really, but it left me with a broken right hand as well as a shattered wrist. I'm currently wearing a cast up to my shoulder (yep, writing this one-handed!) and will need to keep it on for at least two more weeks. I might also need surgery.

Personal tragedies aside, I really missed this little blog of mine, so I decided to do a shorter post today to take my mind off this stupid situation! So why not talk about perfume, one of my favorite things in the world? ;)

When the first Jimmy Choo fragrance came out, I really wanted it, only to discover it had too much patchouli for my taste. But this new edition appropriately named Blossom, seemed right up my alley.

Blossom is a sweet floral with notes of berries, rose, citrus and musk. Not a groundbreakingly different scent, but lovely nonetheless. It's sweet in a fresh and citrusy way, not cloying and decadent like some deeper sweet scents. The staying power leaves something to be desired, but the sillage is great. Overall an adorable scent perfect for spring and summer, aimed at 20-somethings and younger. Cute!

You can purchase the fragrance at All Beauty from 44€. I'd recommend it to fans of Prada Candy Eau Florale, it's like Prada's fun, flirty sister!
What perfume are you wearing today?


  1. Sliši se direktno zame :) Pa še embalaža je luštna. Hitro se poceli :D

  2. Čestitke, da si vse tole natipkala z eno roko ❤️ Upam, da se kmalu zaceliš:)

  3. Oh ta parfumček je božanski:), lep in dišeč v vsebini, steklenička je pa sploh vau:). Tudi jaz ti želim,da se čimprej pozdraviš, pogrešam tvoje objave**


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