Who doesn't love a good bath?

Or maybe a better question, who loves a good bath but doesn't have a bath tub at home? Unfortunately, I'm one of the latter, and I have to wait for when I visit the in-laws to take a nice, long soak. These two products from Avon had me extremely excited to finally try out some new bath things, and they did not disappoint.

I re cived two bath soaks from Avon, one with the scent Sweet Sensuality and the other is called Indulgent Spa Ritual. Spa Sensuality has the intoxicating scent of jasmine, as it includes essential oil with the scent, while Indulgent Spa Ritual is a rich chocolate scent I've fallen completely in love with.

Both products are just lovely for when you want to pamper yourself, and both can be used in the shower as well, which was just great news for me! I love them both - Sweet Sensuality for relaxing and before bed, and the chocolate scent for true pampering and decadence. I'd recommend both of these. They cost around 10€, a bit pricy, but worth it! I'm also intrigued by their new scent in the line, Caribbean Escape.

And now for my favorite blogger of the day! I'm absolutely loving this girl's content and I know you will, too... It's Kiara from Lion in the Wild. She has both beauty and fashion posts and does Youtube as well, and I'm completely stunned by her photography skills, beauty and kindness. Such a lovely girl!

I might do a few more pampering posts if anyone would be interested. I think it's so important to spoil ourselves every once in a while.
What is your favorite bath product?