Avon Care Cocoa Butter Line

It rarely happens I fall in love with a whole line of products... But this one is a winner!

I've been loving quite a few Avon products recently, but this line is definitely a firm favorite. It consists of four products, all of which have really manage to impress me. I haven't been using them for too long, so this will be a shorter post, but let's see what my thoughts are...

Avon Cocoa Butter Rich Cream

Supposedly, you can use this on your face as well as your body, but I prefer it for just bodycare. It's indeed a rich cream but it has a light consistency and sinks in fast. Smells divine and feels like a lighter version of a body butter, but is just as nourishing and moisturizing! Love this stuff... You can buy it here for less than 4€!

Avon Cocoa Butter Hand Cream

I just love anything with cocoa butter and having a hand cream with that ingredient means it's extremely nourishing and great for cuticles as well. I love using this before bed as my hands are really soft when I wake up. A bit too much to put in my purse, but a love nonetheless! Available here for less than 2€.

Avon Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

I can't seem to find this on the Avon website, but this is a great lip balm in a squeezy tube. I like to use it as a prevantative lip balm (when my lips are chapped already, I prefer Blistex). It's very nourishing - and it tastes great... Not sure I should be eating is as much as I do. :P I think the price is around 4€ if you can still find it anywhere!

Avon Cocoa Butter Body Lotion

Another great product with a surprisingly light consistency, given that it contains Cocoa Butter. Pleasant, light and cooling, with a really nice scent just like the rest of the range. I really love this stuff. Available here for a little over 4€.

My only hope for this line is that they would add some more products - perhaps an in-shower lotion like Nivea has? That product is one of my favorites and I'd love to see more brands attempt to make something similar. A body scrub would also be lovely, as well as a lip scrub... Ah, I hope they bring out more product as I really am a huge fan of this line!

Blogger of the day is Laura from Buy Now, Blog Later. Some of you old school YT peeps may know Laura as lollipop26, and if you're anything like me, you were also addicted to her OG Youtube videos in the olden days (god, I'm old). Now, I absolutely ADORE Laura's blog and Instagram, and her fashion choices are a daily inspiration! Can't get enough of her content, and she's so stunning as well and seems like a total darling. I've followed her for years and don't see myself stopping any time soon!
What is your favorite product with cocoa butter?


  1. I love cocoa butter and think I might get a hand of this range in my local store. Nice post xo


  2. Celotna linija je super! Meni je najbolj všeč krema za roke :) Edino balzam za ustnice mi je malo manj všeč ravno zaradi teksture. Drugače pa vsi izdelki zelo dišijo ja :)

    1. Me veseli, da so tudi tebi všeč :) x

  3. Enkrat sem preizkusila kremo za roke iz te linije in je res odlična. Vonj je itak božanski pa tudi kakavovo maslo mi je zelo všeč zaradi vlažilnega občutka. Zdaj me mika ta lip balm. Ko sem imela v zimskih dneh grozno suhe ustnice, sem veliko raziskovala in vsepovsod je pisalo kakavovo maslo kot najboljše maslo za ustnice. Mi je res pomagalo. Odlična linija :).

  4. Se strinjam s tabo, ta linija je fantastična <3
    Moj najljubši izdelek v liniji je krema za roke, ampak ji je zelo blizu tudi krema za telo <3

    1. Vidim, da nam je vsem všeč! x


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