What better way to jump into spring than a floral scent?

I've had this set in my possession for a while now, and with spring surely on the way, I've been using them more and more. I just adore floral scented products for this time of the year, when it's warm but there's a pleasant cool breeze.

The cream shower gel is undeniably girly, so my boyfriend has already let me know he won't be using it (more for me, hehe). It really is creamy and keeps my skin well-moisturized, as well as retaining the scent of the product, which is a huge plus for me. I also love using it with floral perfumes as it enhances the scent and helps it stay on longer.

The nourishing body milk is extremely light but very nourishing at the same time. Leaves my skin extremely smooth and doesn't irritate it, even after shaving. A great companion to fragrance just like the shower gel. I've been using these two in conjunction with my DKNY Pure A Drop Of Rose perfume and it makes it last way longer, which I love.

So, florals, for spring? Groundbreaking! (name that quote) I don't care, I love them either way and I'll be wearing them for years to come. You can purchase this lovely Afrodita set here for under 5€ which really is a great deal.

And my favorite blogger of the day is Sophie's Makeup, which I've talked about often - I just adore this girl's photography so much, I could stare at it for days. Her posts are well-thought out, creative and beautiful. I wish I had her blogging mojo!

What is your favorite floral scented product?