Spring 2016 Perfume Haul

Once the seasons change, I always have a bit of a fragrance splurge...

This time, I shopped on and picked up some great new scents. One of them is for mother's day, the rest are just for me. Let's see what I got.

Elizabeth Arden Pretty EDP

I wanted something less sweet and this lovely white floral has just enough sweet notes to keep my interest. It has peony, jasmine and lily and a warm base of wood, amber and musk. It opens with fresh citruses, and it just such a pretty fragrance for spring. I've worn it a lot, and I love the packaging as well. You can purchase it here for only 20€!

DKNY Pure Drop of Rose

I originally wanted to get Stella McCartney's signature scent, but this one is a great dupe and way less expensive. A beautiful, fresh and gentle rose with some verbena, magnolia, woods and a tiny bit of vanilla. I also love the original scent Pure. Available here for 33€.

Prada Candy L'Eau Florale

The original Candy scent is lovely, but too sweet for my taste. I got this one as a mother's day gift for my momma, and I'm happy to say she loves it just as much as the original scent! In my opinion, it works even better in the warmer months. Peony, limoncello, musk and honey... Dreamy! I want it as well. Available here from 48€.

Cartier Eau de Cartier Goutte de Rose

Oh my god, my dream rose scent. STUNNING, and a blind buy I'm so glad worked for me. Even better than Stella. Rose, amber and vanilla - what more could you ask for? Available here for 43€.

Jimmy Choo Blossom

Sweet, fruity and sour. Generic, but lovely to wear in the warmer months. I love the red berries in this one. It also has citruses, rose, sweet pea and woody notes - sensing a pattern with the rose here? Available here from 34€.

Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush

I mainly got this because it was inexpensive and I'm a sucker for packaging. Floral, musky and softly spicy. Kind of generic, smells quite soapy, but I like it for lazy days. Not an attention seeking perfume, that's for sure! Available here for 36€.

My perfume collection just keeps on growing... I'll have to do a post on it soon. But perfume really is an addiction of mine, I have no problem admitting that!
What's your favorite spring scent?


  1. These are such lovely fragrances can't say I have tried any of them
    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. The Elizabeth Arden one looks like one I would love! Great post :)

    Christine xx

  3. Že dolgo si ogledujem Prada Candy L'Eau Florale :D Btw. odličen nov dizajn bloga!

    1. Čudovit je, na žalost mi ga je že vzela mama :P Pa hvala! <3

  4. Ampak kaj je s pošiljanjem parfumov z Meni napiše, da jih ne more poslat. A ima katera srečo in je pred kratkim lahko naročila parfume s te strani?


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