3 Different Ways To Remove Makeup

Hands up if you've been using micellar water for years now! *everyone raises hands*

I've been faithful to either the Garnier micellar solution or the Corine de Farme one. My opinion of Bioderma is controversial as I did not like it at all. But I was really excited to find out about some new offerings from Corine de Farme, as they just recently came out with a mousse and gel micellar solution. Let's see my thoughts on them, but first, let's talk about what 'micellar' means...

A micellar solution has micelles in a solvent, usually water. Micelles are kind of a bi-polar cluster of molecules. On one hand, they love water, on the other, they hate it. Upon contact with skin, they break and attract everything that isn't water to them (meaning makeup and oil). Corine de Farme has developed my favorite solution of all time, but now they also have two new offerings in the line - and what do I think of them?

Corine De Farme Micellar Solution

Full post here. I think it's pretty much obvious I love this product! Incredibly inexpensive at only 6€, gentle, not scented, so pleasant to use and leaves my face perfectly clean. It also has a pump which I just love, and comes with 500 ml of product so it lasts ages. Firm favorite! Buy it here.

Corine De Farme Cleansing Foam

This shares some characteristics with the water - gentle, not irritating, scent isn't too strong, removes makeup well. I'd say it's totally up to you if you want to use this instead of the solution as the main difference is really just the texture (and with the foam, I prefer to use it over a sink and wash my whole face). Buy it here for 6€. If that's how you like to remove makeup, you might just love it. For me, it's not ideal. I prefer the solution or...

Corine De Farme Micellar Refreshing Gel

This is my new favorite! I love it so much. Incredibly effective when removing makeup, you need a tiny bit and it lasts ages. You can use it for washing your whole face above a sink or even at your desk with a cotton pad. My absolute favorite thing about it is the cooling effect. It works wonders on my tired eyes (I wear contacts) and feels so very pleasant. I just adore it. Purchase it here for 7€.

It really depends how you love to cleanse - I love micellar solutions as well as gels, so those two are the winners for me, though the mousse is fun as well. I hope this post was helpful - Corine de Farme is definitely one of my favorite skincare brands.
How do you remove makeup?


  1. Ooh I really like the sound of the refreshing gel, there is no better feeling than something cooling after a long day at work on tired eyes!! x


  2. These sound great, i love using a cleansing foam with my Clarasonic, it really makes it so effective xx


    1. Oooh I should try that with my brush! x

  3. I love Micellar water for removing makeup, it does a great job!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  4. Se jih da kupiti tudi kje drugje kot preko interneta?

    1. Ja, videla sem jih v Müllerju na naravnem oddelku :)

  5. I remove my makeup with coconut oil :) Never lets me down :)

    1. hahah kar v angleščini pisala (že podzavestno) :'D
      ja, saj je super :D


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