Afrodita 100% SPA Body Mousse

Introducing one of my recent favorites...

I've really been looking forward to telling you about this amazing body mousse from Afrodita. In the wintertime especially, my skin is dry and sensitive, and I'm always looking for a great product to combat the winter blues... Enter this body mousse, which is luxurious, nourishing and all-around amazing.

When I received this from Afrodita, I could tell right away I'd fall in love with it, and as soon as I opened the lid, I knew it would be a new firm favorite. This luxurious body mousse is creamy but extremely light, almost feels like a whipped texture. It contains small granules which dissolve on the skin and don't leave a trace as my skin just drinks it all up! 

Containing vitamin E and cocoa butter, the mousse is extremely moisturizing and nourishing and feels great on dehydrated skin. I also love the scent so much! It's strawberry scented but to me, it smells like strawberries dipped in chocolate. Such a decadent, lovely scent... I kind of want to eat it! 

Best of all, this lovely product is a total bargain at around 5€! You can purchase it here or in Slovenian drugstores, and it comes heavily recommended from yours truly.
What is your favorite winter moisturizer?


  1. Meni je full všeč. pa kako dišiii <3

  2. Joj, lušti. Kozmetika Afrodita nikoli ne razočara. Ko sem še obiskovala srednjo šolo smo imeli ogromno izdelkov od njih in sem bila že takrat zelo navdušena, saj so res kvalitetni in navsezadnje super dišijo. Tega še sicer nisem preizusila, ampak mislim, da bom kar hitro odpeketala v trgovino, saj obožujem jagode. P.s. Prelepe fotografije. xx

    1. Hvala ti! :) Javi, kako ti bo všeč. Jaz sem čisto nova, kar se Afrodita tiče, ampak zaenkrat navdušena :)

  3. Love the photos on this post, makes it look so luxurious! I'm not a huge fan of anything strawberry, but a body mousse sounds so nice x

  4. Meni je tudi v celoti všeč izdelek... <3

    Sploh tekstura je res zanimiva, hkrati dovolj hranilna in dovolj lahka :)


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