This is one of the prettiest perfume bottles in my collection!

I know I've been doing tons of perfume reviews, but we all know I'm a junkie when it comes to fragrance. And a new bottle of perfume won't hurt you... right? At the very least, you should put one on your Christmas list! Perfume is one of my favorite things to receive.

Today I'm reviewing Oriflame's Volare, a new fragrance in my collection. I fell in love with the bottle right away, it's a pretty rose with gold hardware. I expected the fragrance to be really generic, but it's most definitely not!

Volare is in a sense almost old fashioned, as it has incredible sillage and longevity. I really didn't expect it to be like this and was pleasantly surprised to find how long it lasted on my skin.

As far as notes go, the perfume opens with pear, galbanum and violet leaf. I believe the latter is what makes me think old fashioned, as it's a note that used to be used a lot in fragrance but has now been run over by popular floral-fruity scents. Next, we have peony, gardenia and rose petals. The rose is very obvious to my nose, it's quite heavy and powdery. Not a modern rose scent, but very reminiscent of baby powder. And finally, we have cedar, leather and a sweet hint of pralines. I smell the cedar mostly.

This scent is not something I'd pick up myself. I think there's a bit of a disconnect between the bottle and the scent, but I would really recommend it as a gift to a mom, aunt or grandma. The price is only 16€ on the Oriflame website.
What scent are you wearing today?