Sometimes you find a real beauty gem, and when it's inexpensive as well, you really have the whole package!

I was sent a few fragrances by Oriflame, and I wanted to kick off the reviews with my favorite out of the bunch. This is My Naked Truth, a beautiful perfume I've been wearing for the past few weeks.

Let's start with the bottle, which is gorgeous. It's unique yet classic with its rectangular design and oval shapes. I love the simplicity, and it looks gorgeous on my vanity as well. The pink and clear bottle is perfect for this scent.

The perfume itself is soft, fresh and floral. I love it when floral perfumes aren't too heavy, and this one has a freshness I didn't expect. Honestly, I pictured it as a white floral scent, very heavy and similar to Fracas. Nope, nothing like that at all. Instead, My Naked Truth is fresh from the start, with bergamot, litchi and apple blossom. The middle notes have apricot, rose and osmanthus, and the base notes are heavier sandalwood and cedar, rounded out with cotton flower. It has average sillage and longevity, which is OK for an EDT.

I love that this perfume is so unique, and it smells really expensive in my opinion. Definitely worth buying! Available on the Oriflame website for only 20€ for 50 ml! Grab it while it's on offer.
Do you have a favorite budget scent?