Aussie haircare came to Slovenia a while ago, and we're all obsessed!

I've received several things for review from them, but I also bought quite a bit myself. It's just such a nice, affordable haircare brand that actually gives great results - how could I resist? Today I wanted to do a review of some lines and products, as well as an overview of my thoughts on the brand.

Aussie Miracle Beach Waves

Trust me, I've tried a lot of texturizing sprays. For some reason, I keep coming back to this one. It really gives great texture and volume, making my hair the perfect amount of messy. It smells nice, but it's a little sticky, so don't use too much. A fun product for messy bedhead hair. The price is around 10€ I think.

Aussie Miracle Shine line

A good shampoo, mask & conditioner, but kind of average. Have to say I didn't notice any difference when it comes to shine, but it is a nice and light line which doesn't weigh down hair and is great for every day use. Prices for all shampoos and conditioners are around 6€, and the masks are around 9€.

Aussie Repair Miracle Shampoo & Conditioner

This is a heavier, more potent line that does help with damaged hair. I prefer the masks though, this duo is a bit too much for my hair, which is prone to getting greasy. If you have damaged and very dry hair though, you might really like it! Again, prices are about 6€ for each.

What should you buy from Aussie?

For me, the texturizing spray is a real winner, and I also love their 3 Minute Miracle Masks, they're just lovely! Definitely recommend those, you can even use them without conditioner and get amazing results. I've tried quite a few and they've all been lovely, my favorite is probably Deep Repair Reconstructor.

Have you tried Aussie haircare? What do you think of it?