Every time I get a new Yankee Candle, it feels like Christmas!

I just love them so much - everything from the packaging to that rich aroma is perfect. This time around, I received Red Velvet for review and immediately fell in love with this beautiful fragrance.

I've had Red Velvet once before, when I picked up a small votive candle, and I remember my shopping bag smelling so divinely sweet I didn't even want to unpack it! So choosing this scent was pretty much a given, and I immediately fell in love with it. While it is more of a heavy scent, I don't mind using it in the warmer months, especially on a rainy day - it makes me feel so warm and cozy.

Confession time - I've never had red velvet cake. 

They're just not as popular around here! But to me, this candle smells like a rich cake complete with brown sugar creamy frosting. It's definitely a very sweet bakery scent which you just won't be able to resist. I personally love it!

The only problem is that it will eventually burn out and I'll have to pick out a new fragrance - with Yankee Candle's wide variety of scents it's just a shame to pick the same one every single time. But not to worry, I already have my eye on a few new scents from their Café Culture Collection ... ;)
What is your favorite YC scent?