I love a good set!

Because I was in dire need of some moisture for my hair, I ordered the Hydro Gift Set by Subrina Professional a month or so ago. This set inxludes the Hydro Shampoo & Conditioner as well as the Special Nutri-Milk Spray by the same brand. The set retails for around 13€, which is a complete bargain, and the main reason I got it.

And what did I think of the products?

I'll start off with my favourite, which was the Hydro Shampoo. It's indeed very hydrating, but it doesn't weight the hair down in the slightest. It's very light, but gives hair much needed moisture. My hair is very damaged, so it's quite dry, but the roots tend to get oily fast, and this shampoo was perfect for my type. It didn't make my hair any more greasy, but it improved the look of my ends.

The conditioner was okay, but perhaps too light for my hair. I expected this, which is why I also got the Subrina Professional Repair mask (review coming soon). The conditioner is quite light and doesn't weigh down your hair, so I would strongly recommend it for normal hair with dry ends.

Finally, the Nutri Milk Spray. This is my least favourite product - I really feel like it doesn't do much for my hair. It's a cool product, smells absolutely lovely and can be sprayed in the hair, which is awesome (I prefer it to the application of products that you have to put in the palm of your hand). Unfortunately - perhaps due to the application - it just didn't do much for my hair. I will say it definitely improved the appearance, but when I compare it to my favourite leave-in conditioner, which is Redken Anti-Snap Extreme Leave-In Treatment, the results are far better with the other product. Again, I'd recommend the milk to people with normal hair with dry ends. It also helps flyaways. And the way I like to use it is spray it throughout the day, when my hair gets unmanageable and dry. I think I will love it in the summertime.

The shining star of this set is definitely the shampoo, which you can buy on Click2Chic.si. I love it, and if I wasn't such a beauty junkie, I would definitely repurchase (I've run out already). The conditioner and milk are good, but not for my hair type. Recommended to people with normal hair with slightly dried out ends & perfect sping/summer products!
What is your favourite haircare product?