Long time no Yankee!

Finally, I have some new scents to tell you about and these are all from the Pure Essence collection for Spring. I was sent four votive candles in a pretty box which unfortunately got a little smashed during transport, so I didn't include it in the photo, but you can see it here

Votive candles come without a glass and need to be placed in a candle holder. Personally, I prefer bigger jars or tea lights, but these are a great option if you want to try out some new scents! Let's see what we have. Votives burn for about 15 hours.

Pink Grapefruit

I'm not certain if this is a part of the Pure Essence Collection, but it was included in the set. It's quite citrus-y and has that signature slightly tart, slightly bitter tang that I always associate with grapefruit. It's a very fresh scent, quite refreshing as well. Big like for this one, and I think it would work well in late spring when it's starting to get warmer! Check it out.

Aloe Water

This one is just beautiful! So fresh, soothing, rich but soft ... I love it. This one is great for lighting in your bathroom, because it's so relaxing - I can already envision a bubble bath with it burning in the background. It smells a little like Clean Cotton with something fresh and ripe added to the mix. Buy here.


I thought I wouldn't like this one, fearing that it would be artificial. However, it's a gorgeous rich fruity scent which still manages to be fresh and reminiscent of spring. It's my least favourite out of the four, but I still like it a lot. I think it would smell nice on a very light, a bit chilly spring day, because it would balance the richness of the candle nicely. Available here.

Shea Butter

My absoltue favourite! It smells like Clean Cotton and Vanilla Cupcake combined and I just love it. Rich, soft, creamy & indulgent ... Just the way I like it. I want to wear a perfume exactly like this, and it reminds me a bit of DKNY Pure (an amazing fragrance). Perfect for staying in and lounging in your bed. Get it here.

This collection is so beautiful ... There's not one scent I don't like, and I love most of them! Just gorgeous and really embodies spring perfectly. I can't wait for it to get warmer outside (mind you, my wallpaper was Let it Snow for 2 months ...)
What is your favourite Yankee Candle?