Sunday, December 21, 2014

Parfums D'Orsay La Dandy EDP

I'm finally back! I've been taking a bit of a hiatus because I'm very busy at the moment, but hopefully I'll be back to posting regularly very soon. So today I decided to share a review of a very unique fragrance which is a lovely addition to my perfume shelf! Let's talk about La Dandy.

Parfum D'Orsay is a French parfumerie and I immediately fell in love with their pretty, classic bottles, the interesting illustrations accompanying them and the descriptions of the perfume. I chose La Dandy and waited eagerly for it to arrive in the mail. As soon as I opened it, I knew this was a very, very special fragrance.

I think there is a trend going on in the perfume world, and the most popular ones are gourmands, floral-fruity combinations and so on. Unfortunately, many perfumes have become generic and are really nothing special - which is definitely not the case with La Dandy.

La Dandy is a beautiful citrus & spice fragrance that has a unique blend of notes, one I haven't smelled anywhere before. Initially, you get an explosion of fruits with citruses like bergamot, and peaches, which slowly starts settling down into a creamy mix of cinnamon, cloves and ylang ylang (surprisingly does not remind me of Christmas, but is instead very fresh and lovely). Finally, it settles down with notes of honey and sandalwood

It has a lasting power of 4+ hours on me, and the sillage is moderate, but as I've mentioned time and time again, my skin just drinks up any fragrance so it will probably last longer on you.

If you are looking for a unique, beautiful fragrance, I would look no further than Parfums D'Orsay. This is so beautiful and nothing like any woman has on her shelf already. Also would make a beautiful Christmas or Valentine's day present! You can purchase the perfume here from 75€ - what a beautiful luxury gift!

What is your favourite kind of perfume - floral, sweet, spicy ...?


  1. Beautiful photos, as usual! I've never seen this perfume before but it sounds beautiful! x

    Angela // The Sunday Chapter

  2. This perfume looks so pretty!!

  3. You had my attention at the word 'citrus'. I loooove the smell. It's just always so fresh and zesty :) this looks gorgeous though, and not something I would have usually looked at. Gonna keep an eye out for this, as I've not heard a lot about D'Orsay.

    Rebecca xx

    1. If you see it anywhere, I'd really recommend giving it a sniff :) x

  4. I'm so over floral scents so anything that's described as "citrusy" and "spicy" has my attention. I need to smell this perfume; it sounds incredible.

    Raise The Waves

    1. I agree, it's time for something new! :)

  5. Tale parfum mora pa res lepo posebno dišati =) prelepe slikce!



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