Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh

Ah, the iconic Daisy perfume from Marc Jacobs ... Let me tell you a little secret. I'm really not a fan of the original scent. To me it's just bland and even a little bit unpleasant. But my opinion completely differs when it comes to Daisy Eau so Fresh, a fragrance that came out in 2011 and immediately stole my heart. I remember smelling it in my local drugstore and falling head over heels in love. Now, three years later, it's finally mine!

Daisy Eau so Fresh smells like a mix of Chloe EDP and Chanel Chance Eau Tendre - at least to me. It's a delightful mix of citrus, green notes, florals and sweet fruits. The overall effect is a little powdery, very calm, beautiful and wrapped in a gentle touch of apple blossom and jasmine. The notes that I'd say are the most prominent include pear and litchi, but I also smell a lot of musk and roses. The fragrance is more sophisticated than the usual scents aimed at a younger crowd. It's not as sweet and overpowering, but instead beautifully gentle and caressing.

I have loved this baby for years and I cannot believe I finally own it. Marc Jacobs has been really on point with his fragrances lately and I absolutely adore both Honey and Dot, as well as Lola and Oh! Lola. If I could, I would own all of his perfumes for the bottles alone - they are undeniably a work of art and truly beautiful!

Ah, klasična Daisy Marca Jacobsa ... Naj vam zaupam skrivnost. Meni vonj sploh ni všeč. Zdi se mi generičen in celo malo neprijeten. Se pa moje mnenje popolnoma razlikuje, ko pride do Daisy Eau So Fresh, vonj iz leta 2011, ki je takoj ujel mojo pozornost. Povohala sem ga v trgovini in ga imam od takrat v mislih, zdaj, po treh letih, pa je končno moj!

Diši kot mešanica Chloe EDP in Chanel Chance Eau Tendre. Čudovita mešanice citrusov, zelenih not, cvetlic in sladkih sadežev. Učinek je malo pudras, krasen in zavit v objem cveta jablane in jasmina. Najbolj močne note so liči, hruška, mošus in vrtnice. Zdi se mi bolj sofisitciran kot ostali vonji, namenjeni mlajšim nakupovalkam. Ni sladek in močan, ampak nežen in prijeten.

Tako sem vesela, da je tale lepotec končno moj. Marc Jacobs ima trenutno ogromno krasnih dišav, meni je še posebej všeč Honey in Lola. Če bi lahko, bi imela vse njegove parfume že samo zaradi stekleničk! Vse njegove vonje si lahko ogledate na Salmi.


  1. If you love this more than the original I really need to give it a go. I'm a fan of most of the daisy fragrances, there's just something about them that appeals to me so much!

    1. Please give it a try, it's so lovely! :)

  2. Meni pa te Daisyke ne potegnejo, premalo se mi zdijo obstojne na meni :/ Razen te nove Dream - to bi pa takoj imela! <3 Drugače pa ja, vse Jacobs stekleničke parfumov bi imela, res so super okras na poličkah :)

  3. I love this scent! Your photos and whole blog design is so so lovely!


  4. Such a gorgeous smell, and I love the bottle!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  5. Stunning picture! Pin'ed x

  6. This is one of my all time favourites, it's so lovely <3 xxx

  7. I agree with you, don't really like the original one! I should try this out! :)

  8. Gorgeous photo! Now I feel like I need to try the scent because I've been hearing great things.

    beauty luxe life

  9. First of all, I love how you've stored your Real Techniques brushes! That's so clever! But this scent is everything. I love Marc Jacobs but Daisy is really something else. Would love to be able to buy every perfume I liked the smell but I'm having to stick to stealing testers for now haha xx

    Jade | skinsweet


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