I thought I'd share my thoughts on a Catrice nail polish today. I received the Color Brightening Base Coat with Keratin during the Essence/Catrice event and I was really intrigued by it. It promises to brighten your nail polish colour - sounds cool, right? It's in the colour 01 On Top Of The Alps and when you apply it, it's a striking white color, opaque with two coats. Okay-ish formula, but with two coats it looks just like Essie Blanc for a fraction of the price. I almost didn't want to apply a topcoat.

However, I decided to test a random Colorama nail polish from Maybelline over it. Now I don't know exactly what shade this is, because I lost the sticker, but if I had to guess I'd say it's maybe from the Washed Neons line? Not sure, but it's a pretty coral pink which needs three coats for full opacity otherwise. I applied one coat and it was really streaky over the white. The second coat, however, gave me gorgeous glossy nails with beautiful shine and bright colour.

Now it's not worth it to everyone to use 4 coats of nail polish ... If you want a brighter colour though, I would recommend the Catrice base coat. Especially when using neons, they really look amazing with white under them. That aside, the Catrice polish is really beautiful by itself and a great dupe for Essie Blanc! I'm not sure about the exact price, but it's probably around 3€.
What is your favourite base coat?