Yankee Candle Halloween Collection - Ghostly Treats

When I was approached and asked if I'd like to try the new Halloween Collection from Yankee Candle, I practically squealed with joy. With three scents in it, I had the hardest time choosing only one, but finally settled on Ghostly Treats, which is described as the scent of gooey toasted marshmallows. Oh my!

As I opened the package, a huge smile spread over my face. I only skimmed the images in the e-mail as I was so excited, and I had no idea the packaging of the candle would look like this! It's an opaque white colour with the cutest black and purple print on it featuring a cemetery in a very Halloween-appropriate scene. I just love it!

The scent itself is indeed very marshmallow-y, but not the fake scent you might imagine. It's incredibly sweet, vanillary, sugary, soft but strong and just so comforting! This is possibly my favourite scent from Yankee Candle (sorry Summer Scoop). It's just so lovely!

The other candles in this collection include Witches Brew (patchouli) and Candy Corn (sweet scent). I would love to own them all. The candles cost £16.99 and you can already get them on!


  1. Omg embalaža! Preveč zapravljam za sveče v zadnjem letu, ampak tale je pa tako luštna, pa še vonj se sliši čisto moj! :)

    1. Js tudi. Te na žalost ne bo v Sloveniji, ampak če jo kje najdeš jo res toplo priporočam, vonj je slasten in sladek! :)


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