Birthday Tea Party

A few weeks ago, Kim and I celebrated our birthdays with a little tea party! Our birthdays are only a week apart so we decided to host it together at my place.

Kim brought some amazing food with her - muffins with apple and cinnamon and the most amazing raw cake which we promptly gobbled up. I made Nutella banana bread with berries and some peanut butter cookies. 
We also miserably failed at making Mimosas (which were disgusting) and discovered our love for the Hofer ice tea, which is absolutely delicious and so inexpensive as well.
But the real star were surely these cute decorations from Ginger Lily Paper! How amazing are they?

Tjaša, who is the owner of Ginger Lily Paper contacted me and was the whole reason we decided to have this little tea party. I mean, the decorations were just too cute to pass on! Tjaša actually personalizes each and every one and then you print them out yourself, so they are really unique and so, so pretty. I loved the slogans we chose for them and they turned out really cute. Kim and I chose the Paris set, which is absolutely adorable and perfectly up our alley with pink and black as well as dots, bows and stripes. Gorgeous.
But most of all, I was so happy to meet Tjaša. She is the sweetest girl and I love, love, love her store. It's safe to say I will be ordering from there in the near future, she has some incredibly cute things in stock. I would really recommend taking a look.
Here are some of the photos I took myself (the ones above are by Tjaša) ...

More thanks need to be given - we even had a sponsor for our tea party - Oblak Commerce. They supplied us with REN products to give to the party guests - how amazing is that?! And my most recent giveaway with little perfumes was also sponsored by them. Amazing!
All in all, I was completely overwhelmed with how nice everyone was to help us put this together. But I do have to say, I was more than a little disappointed that only a few people showed up. I've never had many friends, but I've always strived to make more and be friendly. I guess I'm oversharing right now, but sometimes I really do feel a bit alone.
Sending you all a virtual piece of the amazing cake Kim made!


  1. Everything looks so beautiful! I am definitely going to do this next time one of my friends has a birthday!
    I can relate to you with the friends situation. I am happier having 2 or 3 very good friends than loads who I can't rely on :) x

  2. Seriously cute decorations! And that cake looks epically yummy!

    Ally xo

  3. Ooo, vidim, da ste se luštno mele! Jaz sem bila ful jezna, da sem zbolela in nisem uspela priti, ker sem res komaj čakala. :(

  4. Oh, what a cute party! Love the pink+black+gold theme. And the treat looks yum, too! :)

  5. Oh my, this makes me want to throw a party like that myself! About the last part.. I totally feel you! I organized a party for about 15 of my Uni friends a few years ago.. Well, only three of them showed up. Cheers to being alone on our parties ;)


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