Candle of the Month: Timothy Dunn Blue Rose

I haven't done one of my candle of the month posts in absolute ages, and in the time that has passed, I have accumulated a lot of candles that I'm loving. I thought I would talk about the first one today - this was a present I got in my beauty swap from the lovely Becki at Life Looks Perfect. Let's see what I think about it!

First of all, when I opened the package I was incredibly excited to see this beautiful candle - just by the look of it I could tell it was very luxurious, plus it scented the whole package which I was not going to complain about as I love the scent! I checked the description on the website, and at Timothy Dunn they say this candle is inspired by Dunn's mother and her garden. The notes are listed on the site and I will describe them in a minute, but let me tell you what I smell first. It's very floral, and I can definitely make out jasmine and roses. To go a bit more into detail, I learned on their site that the candle also has notes of orange flower (one of my favourite notes), peonies, musk, cedar & green tea. All together they make a heady floral combination which is quite heavy - I wouldn't advise burning this for the whole evening, maybe just 1-2 hours as it scents the room very nicely. I also love the beautiful packaging in the gorgeous white glass jar. In case you want to know, the burn time is listed as 40 hours, which should last you a nice long time.

You can get the Timothy Dunn Blue Rose Plum & Violet Candle on their website for £34.

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  1. I have never heard of Timothy Dunn candles, this post has made me very excited to try them out. I absolutley love the scent of violets so i'm hoping this will be one I will really like!


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