The chocolate treatment

I remember having a classmate in primary school who didn't like chocolate. She also didn't like pizza or french fries, but that's a topic for another day. Needless to say, we were not the best of friends, so she would probably cringe at the thought of today's post. Well, I had a proper pamper yesterday, including a chocolate face mask and moisturizer, and I thought I would share it today! Mind you, I also had a rather charming photo of myself with the mask on, but I thought it rather inapproriate, so it is now safely nested in my Bin.

My skin has been feeling a bit sad lately, still recovering from the breakout I got and also a bit lackluster. So I reached for one of my favorite brand of quick fixes - Montagne Jeunesse. I really want you to have the full experience, because this is not a video and you cannot hear me failing at pronouncing this name, so I shall spell it out for you and you can have a good ol' laugh. Montaaaah-nye Jew-ness. I consider myself quite the Frenchie (the nationality, not the dog, though they are insanely cute).

Okay, off topic aside, I started of with the Montagne Jeunesse Masque Chocolat. This comes in a package you tear open, and there's enough inside for two uses. After (unsuccessfully) trying to convince a member of my family to join me in this chocolate-y experience (Dad almost agreed, albeit begrudgingly), I finally accepted I would be the only one getting mah chocolate awn. I applied the mask to my whole face, steering clear of my undereye area as it is a bit tightening and that area is very sensitive. The mask hardened pretty fast and immediately, I noticed my pores tightening. When I took it off with warm water 20 minutes earlier, my pores actually looked smaller, a success I hadn't even achieved with REN's Pore Detox, while this 1€ mask did an amazing job. Definitely a thumbs up!

I wanted to continue with my regular moisturizer, but remembered I had this amazing one from MU London, which was made with chocolate. So I applied the Organic White Chocolate Truffle Mosturizer, which reminds me of coconut oil in consistency. It is very hard but melts immediately when you scoop it out. Incredibly rich and nourishing, it feels amazing on my skin, and to top it all off, smells di-vine.

Today I woke up with incredibly soft, glowy skin, which is something I normally only achieve with Mama Nature's Queen B. I am so glad I tried these two products in unison as I have an event today and my skin looks great! Plus, it still smells ever-so-faintly of chocolate, which is something I'm always up for.

Montagne Jeunesse Masks can be found in your local drugstore or on Feel Unique, where you can get a proper Chocoholic Pamper Package for 6€. MU London can be found on Ecco Verde and the moisturizer is priced at 20€.


  1. I do love chocolate doll, and use this face mask many times.... I have to try out the moisturizer though! kisses

  2. Nice post! I really hope to try the mu London moisturiser..heard great things about it!

  3. Nisem še nobene izmed teh sprobala...Včasih so mi ble ful čudne čokoladne maske, ampak se je vse to spremenilo,ko sem dobila tester Lush - cupcake maske ! :3

  4. mene ti tvoji posti tuk zabavajo! :D pa škoda k nisi sliko sebe uklučla :D

  5. I really like that face mask I often buy it from Superdrug. Lush's 'Cupcake' is similar but has better results although it's more expensive!

  6. I really like the hot chocolate mask, so relaxing!

  7. Oh, yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed your choco-pampering session with MuLondon Organic White Chocolate Truffle Moisturiser. Thanks so much for your kind words and the lovely review! ♥

  8. Montagne Jeunesse jagodna maska me ravnokar čaka in upam, da mi kot vedno popravi luske na obrazu. :D Res so tole najboljše maske.

  9. I've wanted to try the MU white chocolate for ages. It sounds delicious. Hopefully not too deicious else it will end up in my face rather than on my face. As for the Mountague Jeunesse, I like their self-heating chocolate orange mask. Mmmm.


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