The Agent Provocateur Duo

I am blaming my aunt for my obsession with Agent Provocateur - I was probably only around 15 when I smelled her AP fragrance, the original one. It was so different to the sickly sweet scents I was used to, and I loved it straight away. I finally got my hands on it in my final year of high school, and I wore it to death that year. It was quite strange though - while that beautiful white floral number smelled incredibly sexy on my aunt, on me it was very innocent.

My aunt loves this brand of perfumes and she has probably tried every and each one (except for the new Fatale, which I am incredibly excited about). She told me she had Petale Noir and had grown a bit tired of it, and asked me if I wanted to do a swap. I agreed, since the original AP fragrance had been sitting on my shelf for years, since I had overworn it in high school. Then a few weeks ago, my aunt mentioned she also had Eau Provocateur up for swap, and I gave her my L'Occitane Vanille et Narcisse in exchange - I could not bring myself to wear it anymore after my mom made a comment saying I smelled like a dude while wearing it (lovely).

Agent Provocateur Petale Noir is a beautiful fragrance with all the charm of the original, but with some interesting notes thrown in. The fragrances share notes of rose, musk, vetiver, magnolia & cedar - and I also totally smell the gardenia in Petale Noir despite it not being listed on any fragrance site. As an addition, Petale Noir also has notes of neroli and mandarin orange, which add a really interesting freshness to this otherwise heavy perfume, and I also adore the added on notes of violet leaf and hyacinth. To describe the fragrance, it is very very heavy with impressive sillage - not for the faint hearted! It's floral with a nice rounded finish of amber and woody notes, which give it a beautiful warm quality. I would say it is very sexy - even on me (laughable as it may seem). Definitely one for nights out or for a special evening ...

Agent Provocateur Petale Noir can be purchased on Fragrance Direct for the bargainous price of 22€.

Let's move on to Agent Provocateur Eau Provocateur. It is so interesting to compare this fragrance with its older brother, the original AP perfume. I can see a few similarities, but this, in my opinion, is a completely new & gorgeous creation. Eau Provocateur is beautiful fresh and light, while still maintaing and impressive lasting power and sillage. The mix of white florals and citruses is just beautiful, since the first are very opressive, strong, even cloying, while we all know citruses are fresh, airy and fruity. It makes for an absolutely beautiful combination and I love, love, love the way this smells on me. While I felt the original AP was a bit too grown up for me, this just blends in with my skin and I have received so many compliments while wearing it, which happens really rarely.

You can find Agent Provocateur Eau Provocateur on Fragrance Direct for as little as 24€.

It is safe to say Agent Provocateur fragrances have a special place in my heart - they are beautifully crafted perfumes and truly an experience to wear. If only I was wealthy enough to afford their lingerie, though ...

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