Dewy drugstore foundations for spring

I've had quite the eventful morning, but nonetheless decided to do a post today as I am incredibly behind and have so much to tell & show you. I will try to put together some posts to schedule for the next two weeks as I am quite busy and also, I'm going to Amsterdam on the 4th! So excited about this - if you have any tips for me on what to see & do, do let me know as it's my first time going there. Now let's get started with this post.

I know this post might not be for a lot of you - I used to cringe at the mere mention of a dewy finish. In the past, I was a total matte girl - I used setting powder (tons of it), powdered my nose every hour for fear of being shiny et cetera. Let's ignore the fact that my face usually just ended up like a cakey mess, and hope that it is better now. I do still like a bit of matte in the colder months or if I'm wearing a statement lip, but lately I've been really loving a bit of a dewy finish, and have found myself mostly collecting foundations that give me that finish. I decided to mention some nice products that give this look and tell you a little bit about them.

Let's start with the best, because I cannot shut up about it - L'Oreal Lumi Magique. How amazing is this foundation? I've done a full review complete with swatches on my blog already (find it here), so I'll just describe it quickly. A high coverage foundation with the most beautiful finish, this feels like something much more expensive than it actually is. It is great to work with as well, and you can apply it with your fingers or a brush, I like the Buffing Brush from Real Teachniques, which I use to apply all of these.

Moving on to Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect, this is something I picked up when my local drugstore was having an offer. I didn't do any research when I got this, so I was super mad at myself when I found it didn't work well for me. I've come to love it a bit more, though I mostly like mixing this with my other foundations, as by itself, it fades quite quickly and tends to settle in the pores. However, I really love the pretty finish it gives, which is why I'm not giving up on it.

Next up we have another Bourjois option, and this is their CC Cream. Let me just get this out of the way - it's too dark for me, so I might save it for the summer months, and I've only had it for a short while, so I shall do a full review when I try it out a bit more. However, I've already started to fall in love with this product as it gives a really natural finish, has medium coverage, which I love in the warmer months, and is just a good product all around. It's a little bit runny though, so you have to work with it quite quickly, but I honestly don't mind. Definitely something I'm taking on my summer holiday, as I'm not confident enough to go bare faced, and this will give me the perfect amount of coverage. So at first I really thought this would be a gimmick, with all the CCs and BBs and WTFs floating around, but this one actually gets my seal of approval.

For last, I saved my natural option, which is the Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation. Not much to update you on with this one as I have already reviewed it (find the post here). It is incredibly creamy and you really don't need a lot, so it will last you ages. I find half a pump covers my whole face and I have quite problematic skin, but this covers it all in a jiffy (ha). It's medium to high coverage with a lovely natural finish, plus perfect for you if you're iffy (what's with all the jiffy's and iffy's) about certain ingredients. Love!

There you have it, my selection of drugstore dewy foundations, all under 20€. Hope you find something you like!


  1. Morm sprobat tole Laverino! :) x

  2. Jaz sem vse 3 sprobala, zdej me pa še Lavera mika :D

    1. Laverin je super! Sori, nočem te spodbujat, ampak je res. :P


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