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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Why it's okay to take a break sometimes

  1. So you can stop and smell the roses
  2. For the scent of fresh coffee in the morning, and a to-do list that makes you feel excited you're alive
  3. To feel your fingers brush your pet's fur, and see them lean against your hand
  4. So you can focus on your career and achieve acomplishments you were too scared to even dream of
  5. Because you know you will break if you don't
  6. Knowing that the right people, the best people, will wait for you while you put yourself back together
  7. So you can come back with your senses renewed, full of enthusiasm and excitement for the projects that lay ahead
  8. Because a break will clear your mind, and renew all those ideas you've been too afraid to make a reality
  9. Your dreams will become projects, and your projects will become dreams
  10. And you will make everything you've worked for become a reality, you will be the best version of you you've ever been, and you will be ready for this new chapter of your life.

I hope you'll crack open a new spine, and enter this new story. I'll hold your hand.
Welcome back, Nothin' Fancy. Really.

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