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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Effaclar Duo(+) Unifiant Review & Rave

Have you ever wanted a skincare product that gave you an amazing coverage as well?

If you've been reading my blog for a while, I'm sure you know I'm a huge fan of La Roche Posay. When I was younger and had acne, their Effaclar Duo treatment helped me a lot, and since then I've tried most of the range, including the gel, toner and A.I. products. 

A few years ago, LRP came out with Effaclar Duo(+), which was my first disappointment in the range. After loving the original Duo, Duo(+) broke me out horribly, and it took me months to get rid of the red marks - and it was the first time I broke out because of a product as my skin isn't sensitive to them usually.

So you can understand my hesitation when I was offered to try out the new Duo(+) product. This is a skincare treatment, but it is tinted and supposed to give you some coverage as well as treating your skin. In the end, I decided I had more wins than losses with LRP, and I gave it a go.

I wouldn't be writing this post if I didn't end up loving the product. I am really impressed with this - it has all the properties I loved with the original Duo and so many more new ones that I've fallen in love with. Instead of rambling on about it, I'm just going to post a pros/cons list below.


  • The shade is a little too dark for me (Light), so I wish this came in a shade lighter.


  • Gives a beautiful finish, not dewy, but not matte either (semi-matte)
  • No shine peeks through, it's not heavy, but very light and feels like nothing on the skin.
  • Smells wonderful and it is a pleasure to apply.
  • Unbelievable coverage. I have huge pores and a lot of red marks, and this covered all of them.
  • Affordable at around 14€.
  • Helps my skin while giving it the coverage it needs on a daily basis.
  • Doesn't clump or look cakey, doesn't sit in pores, has never balled up on my skin.
  • Coverage-wise, closer to foundation than a BB cream, but light nonetheless.
  • Doesn't irritate, feels pleasant and lovely on the skin.
  • Comes with 40 ml of product.

Needless to say, I've fallen in love with this product and I've already gone through half a bottle. I work from home, and on days when I'm just in the flat or running errands, I couldn't wish for a better product. Love this.

What is your favorite skincare product that gives coverage?
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