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Monday, March 28, 2016

Anastasia Brow Wiz - Worth The Hype?

Anastasia brow products have been all the rage for a while now, but are they really worth the hype?

I decided to start my testing with Brow Wiz, a brow pencil that's so hyped on the internet I was really expecting miracles. It felt a bit weird paying 19€ on Beauty Bay, I think it's quite expensive for an eyebrow product. I'm more of a drugstore girl and I just dislike overpaying for products.

But I have to say, as soon as my initial outrage was over, I feel in love with this product. I got Brow Wiz in the shade Chocolate and it worked really well for my older hair color (I've since gone blonder). It's a perfect rich dark brown, it's not waxy but not powdery, applies simply beautifully and creates natural, defined & stunning brows. 

Personally, I need all the help I can get in the brow area as my natural brows are very light and undefined, and this product was just perfect. Great for filling in or adding single hairs with small strokes. The only downside is, you really go through it very quickly. I think I had it for about a month, but I didn't use it daily... I probably lasts 3-4 weeks with daily use, which really is a shame. But in my opinion, it's still worth the price tag, and I'll be buying it again. I also want to try Brow Pomade next!

For me, Brow Wiz is all that and more and I'd strongly recommend it. My all-time favorite brow product, I just wish it lasted longer!
What's your favorite brow product?


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spring 2016 Perfume Haul

Once the seasons change, I always have a bit of a fragrance splurge...

This time, I shopped on Allbeauty.com and picked up some great new scents. One of them is for mother's day, the rest are just for me. Let's see what I got.

Elizabeth Arden Pretty EDP

I wanted something less sweet and this lovely white floral has just enough sweet notes to keep my interest. It has peony, jasmine and lily and a warm base of wood, amber and musk. It opens with fresh citruses, and it just such a pretty fragrance for spring. I've worn it a lot, and I love the packaging as well. You can purchase it here for only 20€!

DKNY Pure Drop of Rose

I originally wanted to get Stella McCartney's signature scent, but this one is a great dupe and way less expensive. A beautiful, fresh and gentle rose with some verbena, magnolia, woods and a tiny bit of vanilla. I also love the original scent Pure. Available here for 33€.

Prada Candy L'Eau Florale

The original Candy scent is lovely, but too sweet for my taste. I got this one as a mother's day gift for my momma, and I'm happy to say she loves it just as much as the original scent! In my opinion, it works even better in the warmer months. Peony, limoncello, musk and honey... Dreamy! I want it as well. Available here from 48€.

Cartier Eau de Cartier Goutte de Rose

Oh my god, my dream rose scent. STUNNING, and a blind buy I'm so glad worked for me. Even better than Stella. Rose, amber and vanilla - what more could you ask for? Available here for 43€.

Jimmy Choo Blossom

Sweet, fruity and sour. Generic, but lovely to wear in the warmer months. I love the red berries in this one. It also has citruses, rose, sweet pea and woody notes - sensing a pattern with the rose here? Available here from 34€.

Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush

I mainly got this because it was inexpensive and I'm a sucker for packaging. Floral, musky and softly spicy. Kind of generic, smells quite soapy, but I like it for lazy days. Not an attention seeking perfume, that's for sure! Available here for 36€.

My perfume collection just keeps on growing... I'll have to do a post on it soon. But perfume really is an addiction of mine, I have no problem admitting that!
What's your favorite spring scent?

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Drogerie Markt Visiomax Contacts & Eye Products

A bit of a different post today...

Ever since I head that Drogerie Markt was coming out with contact lenses, I was super excited. When I finally saw them in store, I had to get a few products. I know this isn't my usual post, but maybe it will be useful to some of you who have been wondering about Visiomax - is it worth the hype? Let's see...

Visiomax Lens Case

There's really not much to say about this one! It's a standard lens case, but I do love the option of purchasing these separately as the ones that come with a lens solution tend to get grubby over time. I think they were around 2-3€, so not too bad.

Visiomax Eye Drops

I really like Bepanthol eye drops, but unfortunately, they're only good for six months after you open them. I don't use them too often, so I really love this brand's offering which lasts up to 2018. The drops are great, but then again, I'm not very demanding. They just have to moisten my eyes and I'm good. Not irritating, pleasant & they contain hyaluron. A winner in my book, and a good price, I think about 4-5€.

Visiomax Contact Lenses

This is what you all want to know about, right? Well... I have mixed opinions on these contacts. My eyes are semi-sensitive, more normal than anything else. So for wearing during the day, the lenses are ok - as long as you take them out and wear glasses maybe 2 days out of the 7 of the week. I made the mistake of sleeping with them (I really wanted to try them out, because I'm totally ok if I fall asleep with my regular Acuvue contacts), and it made my eyes SUPER irritated, red and uncomfortable. They're kind of... itchy isn't the right word, just uncomfortable. It feels like they're really dry and have edges that cut into my eye, which isn't exactly pleasant. But the main reason I wanted them is the price - they're like 3€, which I thought was great... Until I found out you get only one lens per pack. They're monthly, so that adds up to 6€ per month. My Acuvue contacts come in a pack of 6 for 18€, I need 2 packs for a month ( though I've worn them for way longer), so the price is the same per month. I just so prefer my old contacts. I won't be repurchasing these, but it is nice to know I can get them in the drugstore if I ever run out. But not a great purchase for me.

Overall thoughts

So, there's definitely some split opinions on these. I've heard some mixed reviews on them and I have to agree - while they're not completely love it or hate it for me (there's good and bad sides), I won't be repurchasing. I'm sticking with my Oasis Acuvue lenses for now.

Again, my apologies for a slightly off topic post, but I do hope it was helpful. And I'd be really curious to know how many of my readers wear contacts! So tell me...
Are you a glasses or contacts wearer?

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Destination Pretty Haul

How pretty are my new things from Destination Pretty?

Blogger Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life has had her cute online store for a while now, but it's taken me ages to finally order something. After seeing a post on her Facebook page, I finally decided to take the plunge and order some goodies I've been wanting for a while. And what did I get?

Floral set of candles

Ages ago, Sandra bought me a candle from this brand for my birthday, and I fell in love! I just had to order this adorable set from her store, and I have to say, the package I got smelled wonderful. These candles are so pretty it will be so sad to burn them, so I'll take the chance and use them for some photos too. They cost around 19€ on Destination Pretty.

Etude House Minnie nail polish

I've been looking for a cute glitter topcoat, and this one is just adorable. I love Etude House anyway, so I put this in my basket on a whim... Really pretty pink glitter with some hearts in it, cannot wait to wear it! This collection is on sale for 4,5€.

China Glaze City Flourish

A post on these polishes was the reason for my order. I just love the ones I got! I picked 5 polishes from the collection for only 5€ each, and I can't wait to try them. Such cute spring shades, don't you think? Available here.

The Balm Nude 'Tude

I noticed this palette was on sale (now out of stock, unfortunately), and since I've been staring at it in Müller for weeks now, I had to pick it up. The shadows are a little smaller than I expected, but they look really pretty. I can't wait to wear the shades on my eyes, hopefully it'll get me into wearing eye shadow. Available here when it comes back in stock for 32€.

You should have a browse on Sandra's store, she has so many things on offer right now I had to stop myself from picking up more. Let me know what you get if you place an order and say hi to Sandra on her social media for me. <3
What's your latest beauty buy?

Sunday, March 6, 2016

3 Different Ways To Remove Makeup

Hands up if you've been using micellar water for years now! *everyone raises hands*

I've been faithful to either the Garnier micellar solution or the Corine de Farme one. My opinion of Bioderma is controversial as I did not like it at all. But I was really excited to find out about some new offerings from Corine de Farme, as they just recently came out with a mousse and gel micellar solution. Let's see my thoughts on them, but first, let's talk about what 'micellar' means...

A micellar solution has micelles in a solvent, usually water. Micelles are kind of a bi-polar cluster of molecules. On one hand, they love water, on the other, they hate it. Upon contact with skin, they break and attract everything that isn't water to them (meaning makeup and oil). Corine de Farme has developed my favorite solution of all time, but now they also have two new offerings in the line - and what do I think of them?

Corine De Farme Micellar Solution

Full post here. I think it's pretty much obvious I love this product! Incredibly inexpensive at only 6€, gentle, not scented, so pleasant to use and leaves my face perfectly clean. It also has a pump which I just love, and comes with 500 ml of product so it lasts ages. Firm favorite! Buy it here.

Corine De Farme Cleansing Foam

This shares some characteristics with the water - gentle, not irritating, scent isn't too strong, removes makeup well. I'd say it's totally up to you if you want to use this instead of the solution as the main difference is really just the texture (and with the foam, I prefer to use it over a sink and wash my whole face). Buy it here for 6€. If that's how you like to remove makeup, you might just love it. For me, it's not ideal. I prefer the solution or...

Corine De Farme Micellar Refreshing Gel

This is my new favorite! I love it so much. Incredibly effective when removing makeup, you need a tiny bit and it lasts ages. You can use it for washing your whole face above a sink or even at your desk with a cotton pad. My absolute favorite thing about it is the cooling effect. It works wonders on my tired eyes (I wear contacts) and feels so very pleasant. I just adore it. Purchase it here for 7€.

It really depends how you love to cleanse - I love micellar solutions as well as gels, so those two are the winners for me, though the mousse is fun as well. I hope this post was helpful - Corine de Farme is definitely one of my favorite skincare brands.
How do you remove makeup?

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Yankee Candle Haul

You know you're really living when you buy 3 Yankee Candles at once...

Yes, I just stole a joke that I told on Instagram from myself. I'm a very sad person. Moving on from that, I wanted to do three quick reviews on Yankee Candles I bought. I'm a total addict to candles, and having two cats, burning them is really essential as the flat gets stuffy otherwise! One of the scents I picked up today is my all-time favorite, Tilen picked one and one is just a random addition. Let's see.

Vanilla Lime

I adore this so much. It's absolutely my favorite scent and I would totally wear a perfume like this. It's a very sweet vanillary scent that also has a sharp hint of citrus, and I'm just in love with it. So comforting and the perfect scent to burn for cozy nights or in your kitchen, as it is a little gourmand. Purchase it here for 24,90€.

Garden Sweet Pea

I've always been curious about sweet pea scents, ever since I was a kid and saw Bath & Bodyworks Sweet Pea scent mentioned in a magazine. Where are those days... Anyway, this is a nice sweet floral scent that I like to use in the bedroom as it gives off a calm, relaxing vibe that is also great when I'm working (my bedroom doubles as my office). Purchase it here for 24,90€.

Pink Grapefruit

This is a scent my boyfriend, Tilen, picked out. He loves sharp citrus and this is really reminiscent to pink grapefruit - sparkling, very sharp, very fresh. I will use this in the bathroom and entryway, as well as in Tilen's office for working (we're kind of opposites - I need a calming scent to work, and he needs a jolt of something fresh). Purchase it here for 24,90€.

Those are the three candles I bought, and I know I'll be back for more in no time. I just adore Yankee scents so much.
By the way, if you're in Slovenia, I would really recommend visiting the store Vonj Narave in Ljubljana (and there's a stand in Celje). I just adore it so much, I always buy a little something. Not sponsored, just sharing the love. :)
What is your favorite Yankee Candle?
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