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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Top 3 Drugstore Foundations for Fall

It's finally fall, and I've prepared a post about my favorite foundations from the drugstore!

When the colder weather comes around, I like my foundation to be matte and full coverage. So with that in mind, I picked up three winning formulas from the drugstore, which I'd like to talk about today. Here we go...

Maybelline Dream Wonder Nude/Flawless Nude

I picked this up 'just because', and I didn't really think it would work for me. I thought it would be more like a very runny BB cream, but this foundation surprised me with just how good it is! It's very watery indeed, but that makes it perfect to layer and achieve the perfect amount of coverage. It looks natural, feels very light and fresh and looks perfect on the skin. I know it has different names in different countries, and you can also get it on FeelUnique for about 12€. The only problem is the packaging, it has a weird stick and there's no pump, so I just pour it out. Too bad about that as it's a great product, and if it had a pump, I'd reach for it even more. I have the shade 010 Ivoire and it's a nice match.

Bourjois Air Mat

A new addition to the Bourjois family, one I knew I'd have to get as soon as it hit stores in Slovenia. And I'm so glad I did! This foundation is amazing! Comparable to Rimmel Stay Matte but without the mousse texture (which I don't like), it has the best coverage, stays matte throughout the day and smells lovely... I'm just so in love with it. It might become my go-to foundation this fall/winter! It's also about 12€ and you can find it in Boots. I have the shade 01 Rose Ivory and it's an okay match. I even got a few compliments when I wore this! That never happens.

L'Oréal Infallible 24H Matte

Another amazing find! I really wanted to try this, but couldn't find it in stores, but you can find it on Salma for less than 11€. Similar to Air Mat but thicker, full coverage, slightly less matte (needs a bit of powder after a few hours, at least on my oily skin), great texture, great product. I love it! My shade is 12 Natural Rose. I would recommend this to girls with combination skin, if you're oily, go for Bourjois instead.

These foundations are all amazing and all under 13€, so I think they're the perfect fall treat! Your skin will look amazing and matte throughout the day.
What's your favorite fall foundation?


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Micellar Water Comparision (Bioderma, Corine de Farme, Green Line, REN)

It's time for a micellar solution face-off!

I've done a post like this before, and since I've tried a bunch of new micellar waters, I thought now would be a great time to do round 2.0. I tested out 4 micellar solutions and would like to choose my favorite to share with you! I think you'll be surprised by my results... Let's get started.

4. REN Rosa Centifolia 3-in-1 Cleansing Solution

By far the most disappointing micellar solution I've tried (ever). If you read my blog, you know I adore REN and have been using it for years, and their Rosa Centifolia range is actually love, but not this product. It burns, doesn't remove makeup well and stings horribly. You have to scrub your eyes to get anything off and it's very weak (I have to use 4-5 cotton pads to get everything off). It's also expensive at 17€ for 200 ml. I say give it a pass, but if you still want to try it, you can get it on Oblak.

3. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Solution

The one that started it all. I tried it a few years ago, and it was disappointing. I got it again recently and... I still don't like it. I struggle to remove my makeup with this, it's not strong enough, it takes 3-4 cotton pads and many, many pumps to get my makeup off. It also stings my eyes and doesn't work well with my contact lenses. I just don't like it, and I won't be buying it again (I do love a moisturizer I'm trying from the brand, though). You can get it on Salma from 6€ for 100 ml - I'm sure it will work for a lot of people, I just didn't like it personally.

2. Green Line Micellar Cleansing Water

We're getting to the good ones! Green Line is such a gem when it comes to skincare. I think I've raved about some of their products before, but this is one of my favorites. Inexpensive, with a nice scent and works so very well. You use 2-3 cotton pads (one for each eye, one for the face), and it doesn't sting at all. It's very pleasant and almost feels like you're using a toner. I love this one. Also, best price out of all four - only 4€ for 200 ml?! Don't mind if I do! Buy on Click2Chic.

1. Corine de Farme Micellar Solution

OMG. Best. One. Out there. I did a post on this solution a while ago and called it the best micellar water. Do I still think so? Hell to the yes. You get a huge amount, it's cheap & cheerful, amazing quality, you only use 1-2 cotton pads, it doesn't sting... I could go on and on. It's also cruelty free. I just adore this one, and I'll definitely repurchase now that it's more widely available in Slovenia! I am in love. Get it here, 500 ml for 7€.

There you go, some more micellar solution reviews! I'll probably do another one of these when I test out enough micellar solutions. I think these posts are really helpful, and I'd love to do more comparisions if you like them!
What's your favorite micellar solution?

Friday, October 9, 2015

First look: living & dining room!

I promised interior photos... Here's the first batch!

Okay, several people on Instagram/Facebook asked to see our new apartment. I'm sharing a few pics today, but please keep in mind this is a work in progress! The sofas are bothering me so much, the cats have basically destroyed them, and I've already picked out a new (matching) set in grey.

The apartment we're in is rented, we're right in the center of Ljubljana & we're having an amazing time... But I won't lie, dealing with decorating, fixing up the place & scheduling workers has been a total nightmare. Stuff still doesn't work, one room is completely unusable, the windows are old... But you know what? I wouldn't change it for the world.

This is our home now, and I'm living the dream.

If you'd like, I'll do some before/after photos. We still have to paint the walls etc., and I think the progress should be really fun to document! If you'd be interested in that, do let me know.
What is your interior decorating style?


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Top 5 Drugstore Blushers for Fall

You wanted this post, and now it's here...

I recently asked on my Facebook what kind of posts you wanted to see, and got an overwhelming response for fall/autumn themed beauty posts. So today I wanted to do a top 5 post, with blushers I love wearing in the fall. These are some of my favorites anyway, but I really reach for them a lot when it starts to get cold outside. Let's see what we have...

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in 05 Lovely Pink

These blushers are so amazing!! I'm sure every blogger has posted about them already, but I am totally in love. They're not crazy pigmented, but just enough to leave a beautiful color with a great sheen on the skin as well. They're baked blushes and have that je-ne-sais-quoi, a beautiful glow on the skin. Lovely Pink is very gentle, pretty and cute. Perfect for a soft glow to the cheeks. They are about 12€, you can find them on Salma.

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in 20 Lavish Mauve

My absolute favorite, because it's a totally unique color. A darker mauve with some purplish/plum undertones, and I'm totally in love. This is a blush that screams fall, and will look so pretty with a similar colored lipstick. Again, about 12€ on Salma.

Milani Baked Powder Blush in 01 Dolce Pink

I really love Milani products, though they can be hard to get. You can find some on Click2Chic. This isn't the famous Luminoso (which I don't really like), but Dolce Pink, a pretty coral/orange/pink blusher. I love the sheen these give me - baked blushers really are amazing. This is more of a warm color, which I don't generally like, but I love the sheen on my skin! I don't even have to use highlighter. Prices vary, I think I paid around 8€ for mine. Also, they come with a cute mirror and brush for on the go.

Milani Powder Blush in 08 Tea Rose

How could I resist these beautiful rose blushers? They're just so pretty. I had to get Tea Rose, which I thought would be a very netural color... It's actually quite bright! And it can be layered depending on how much opacity you want it to have. Very pretty, and a great quality, because they're so finely milled you only need a little bit. Would highly recommend, I think these are limited edition. Again, find them on C2C for around 11€.

KIKO Soft Touch Blush in 112

I bought this a year or so ago and it's my go-to blush for fall. Soooo beautiful, dark plum and with a hint of pink. I adore this color, and it's highly pigmented as well. You only need a little bit of it. This is part of their regular line and you can find it on KIKO for about 10€.

I'll be wearing these on rotation throughout the season. Fall is my favorite and I'm so excited for it1
What is your favorite blush for fall?

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Armani Si EDP, EDT and Eau Intense Reviews

I've wanted it for ages... And now I have all three!

Ever since Armani Si came out, it's been on my wishlist. And then I sampled it in the store and fell in love. What a truly stunning, sweet scent... Not too gourmand, but absolutely perfect. However, it was extremely expensive and I couldn't justify spending so much at the time. Fast forward to my birthday, when Tilen took me to Sephora and I spotted this trio just waiting for me... Thankfully, my lovely boyfriend picked it up for me as a gift! I was so happy and it makes me smile just thinking about it. The trio set with 30 ml of each scent was 100€, which I thought was a good deal. Here are the reviews of each scent...

Armani Si EDP

Initially, before I sampled the scent, I thought I would hate it. I'm really not a fan of patchouli, but I've noticed when it's mixed with something sweet like vanilla in Si (or chocolate in La Vie Est Belle), I really enjoy it! The EDP opens with cassis, another note I'm not too fond of, and what follows is a magical concoction of freesia and rose. Finally, the scent settles into an amazing vanilla patchouli drydown, with added notes of woods and ambroxan. All in all, this sounds like something I couldn't stand, but it's stunning. A grown up version of Prada Candy, if you ask me. Just beautiful. Sillage and longevity are average (3-4 hours on me, but my skin drinks perfume). The bottle is simple, unique and truly beautiful. This scent will always be special for me because it started my love for the line, but it's not my fave out of the three. It's perfect for fall/wintertime, a warm spicy and patchouli scent. You can purchase it on Salma, from 50€.

Armani Si EDT

This is, by far, my favorite out of the three scents. That's actually really shocking, because I don't usually like EDTs as they are weak and watered down, in my opinion. However, this beautiful perfume is a different mix of notes and is more floral, but still sweet. So beautiful. This is a sweet fruity floral, but still very unique. It has heavy vanilla and some woodsy notes as well. Black currant, freesia and pear open the fragrance, followed by mango and strawberry. Then we have the familiar vanilla/patch dry down of the original. Just a stunning scent which works for daytime in any season. I'm in love... And it lasts just as well as the EDP, if not better. Purchase it here, from 40€.

Armani Si Eau Intense

Let's talk about the sillage monster of the family, Eau Intense. It's the EDP, but less watered down, basically, extremely strong and potent. Perfect for nights on the town and date night. Spicy, aromatic, vanillary & sweet... Another winner for sure. For me, it's a better version of the EDP which lasts longer. The notes are similar, but heavier. However, what disappoints me is that the fragrance lasts as long as the EDP, though it has better sillage. A bit sad about that. Purchase it here from 60€ up.

If you can still get your hands on this set, I would totally recommend it. It's stunning and perfect for hardcore lovers of the scent like me. I still need the White version though, don't I? Just to complete my collection! That's a valid excuse, if you ask me!
What's your fave fall/winter scent?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Makeup haul (Müller)

I've been bad... But I love what I bought!

I made an impromptu trip to Müller and ended up leaving with a full bag. How does that always happen? Sigh. But I'm really excited to try out my new goodies! As you can see, I'm not the only one, and my kitten Elsa insisted on joining the party, so do excuse the second photo. She's just too cute to leave out! If you haven't been keeping up with me on Instagram, I've moved out & got two kittens. Elsa's brother, Loki, was sleeping soundly (for once) on my bed (forbidden) as I took photos.

Here's what I ended up getting... I have a blogger conference tomorrow and I wanted to get some new bits to try out! If they work out, I'm thinking about doing a FOTD as well - autumn themed. Let me know if you'd like to see that.

Essence Pure Nude Powder

This was under 4€, and I've always been pleased with drugstore powders. This is new to Essence, so I thought I'd try it out. It looks lovely, very finely milled and a great light color, but I saw some products in the store were already broken (the compact fell out). So be careful if you want to get it!

Nina Ricci Les Delices de Nina EDT

I saw this fragrance on offer a few days ago. I smelled it and fell in love... But as a rule, I don't buy perfume in stores, I purchase it online because it's less expensive. Except this is a limited edition from 2014 and I couldn't find it anywhere. So I ended up going back and getting the 50 ml for 40€. It's a sweet, slightly citrusy smell, something you're sure to love if you like perfumes a la Fantasy.

Guerlain Les Voilettes Translucent Loose Powder Mattifying Veil

A completely unnecessary purchase, but the lady at Guerlain was very convincing... That's my excuse! It looks so luxurious though, and I can't wait to try this. I don't think I've ever had a high end powder, but I'm excited to see what it does for me. This was around 50€... Hold me while I cry.

Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Foundation

Initially, I wanted to try Estee Lauder's Double Wear. Then I started looking at Lingerie de Peau, and the sales associate suggested I try this one, because it might work better with my skin. She said DW might end up looking like a mask, and this is more natural. Say no more, take my money. The match also looked perfect, and I'm so excited because I can never find the right foundation shade. This is 55€.

Guerlain Precious Light Rejuvenating Illuminator

Again, I wanted something else... That sales associate for Guerlain was good guys! I wanted Touche Eclat, but ended up getting this new offering from Guerlain. It's a similar concept to TE, comes with a brush which twists the product up. I'm not a fan of that kind of packaging, but I needed something with illumination, so it seemed like a good solution. I can't remember the price of this one, but I think it was around 45€. Jeebus.

Bourjois Air Mat Foundation

New to the drugstore, Air Mat immediately intrigued me. I'm a matte girl, I have oily, problematic skin and I was excited to try something to help me achieve that perfect, porcelain matte skin. This wasn't expensive, around 13€, and I think the reviews so far have been great. I hope the shade works for me, I got the lightest one.

Essence Lipliner x2

Mateja from Mateja's Beauty Blog made me want to try these. I know she mentions them a lot, so I wanted to give them a go. The shades I got are Soft Berry and Plum Cake, and I'm excited to wear them this fall. They's so inexpensive, really a bargain - under 2€. They seem lovely!

Essence Lipstick in 11 Nude Love

A few weeks ago, I purchased two Essence lipsticks and I've been wearing them all the freaking time. So I wanted to pick up something else, but the stand was almost empty... I only chose one, and looking at it at home, I'm not sure such a light nude will work for me. But we'll have to see. It was under 3€.

I splurged waaaaay too much and I might have to put myself on a ban... But I have my eye on so many other things! I've been watching a lot of Youtube tutorials lately and I think I'm finally falling back in love with makeup. My problem is, I have very hooded eyes and I thought I'd never be able to do eye makeup, but now I've found some great suggestions online. I'll keep you posted.
What was your last beauty purchase?
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