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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

LUSH Skin & Body Care Haul

It was high time for a Lush haul!

I haven't shopped in Lush in ages, but after watching several haul videos on Youtube I was really in the mood to pick up some goodies. I fell in love with so much more at the store though, and another haul might be coming soon! I forgot how much I love Lush, their enchanting scents and the cute black packaging... I'll definitely go back for more!

I mainly got skincare bits with two body products thrown in. I've tested out a few things already, so with a few products, I'll add my opinion as well. Let's see what I got...

Grease Lightning

This is an old favorite of mine, and I'm sure you remember it being featured on the blog countless times before. Grease Lightning is one of my favorite spot treatments, a skincare item I always like to have on hand. It has tea tree and is clear and very light, but really effective. I like to apply it on problem areas throughout the day. It reduces swelling and helps inflamed acne. I really love it, and it's only about 10€ - bargain that you absolutely need if you have problematic/oily/acne-prone skin.

Tea Tree Water

This was recommended by the sales associate as a wonderful product to use with Grease Lightning. It smells amazing, like tea tree and rosemary which are also the ingredients. I like to spray it throughout the day and use it as a toner/refreshing mist. Not a necessary step in my routine, but it sure feels nice. This was about 12€ - a bit expensive for what it is, but a lovely product nonetheless.

Silky Underwear

I've been wanting to try this for ages! I finally got it a few days ago. I absolutely love baby powder, especially after shaving it feels so nice on the skin and stops my legs from getting inflamed. This seems like a fancier version with a nice scent to boot. Haven't tried it out yet, but it's probably the product I'm most excited about. I paid about 8€.

Mask of Magnaminty

I kept hearing about this mask everywhere. I know a lot of people buy face masks from Lush, but weirdly, I've never tried one. Thought it was time to change that... I know they do another mask with onion & garlic that would probably do wonders for my skin, but I just can't stand the smell... This one isn't amazing either, but I do love the mint in it. Going to try it today and report back soon.  I paid around 8€ for a small size.

Pumice Powder

A totally random purchase which is kind of gross... But I still wanted to include it, because it really intrigues me. It's a stone for rubbing your feet but it's made with orange and coconut, and I really thought the idea of it was great. I have quite rough skin on my feet, and I'm excited to see how this product compares to other stones. It melts a bit, but smells absolutely wonderful. I paid 5€ for this.

There you go, a small Lush haul! I'm really excited for their Halloween goodies as well, but unfortunately, I don't have a bathtub in my new apartment so I won't be able to test out as many as I'd like. Hopefully they have some other stuff besides bath bombs! :)

What is your favorite Lush product?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Artistry Signature Color Lipstick Review

Long time no see!

I'll admit, I've been feeling really out of the loop lately. Being so busy with my job and trying to write a blog at the same time is not easy... But hopefully I can ease myself back into the blogging process. So today I have a review of the Artistry Signature Color lipstick, as well as a giveaway for my Slovenian readers at the end.

I've tried a few Artistry products before, and have been impressed time and time again by their beautiful quality. You can really tell they do high-end, their products look & feel expensive and are really high quality. I received two of their lipstick for review, and was once again impressed by Artistry.

These lipsticks are sheer, and great for everyday use. They're lightweight and not oily/heavy at all, feel pleasant on the lips and are not drying at all. They're quite glossy and have a great shine to them. 

The pink shade is called Pink Quartz and is something I would wear daily (and I actually wore it yesterday). It's a nice light baby pink color which doesn't look unnatural on my lips.

Sandstone is more of a neutral shade, a tan color with brown undertones. Now if you're like me and have been obsessing over these kinds of 90s colors, you might just love it! It doesn't give you a splash of color, but it goes with absolutely everything, and it feels light on the lips. These colors have no shimmer/glitter, which I love. 

The lipsticks surprised me with beautiful packaging, really nice and weighty with a luxurious feel. They open with a click and look just beautiful... Something you'll be excited to pull out of your purse.

And finally, a little surprise for my Slovenian readers! If you head to my Facebook page, you can enter to win Sandstone! Good luck ladies!

What's your favorite fall lipstick?

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