Did you know H&M has a sister brand called & Other Stories?

On my recent trip to Paris, I knew I wanted to visit their store, and I wasn't disappointed. Stories quickly jumped to the top of my favorite stores list, they have some seriously amazing stuff. I would totally recommending checking it out if you're in a city where they have it!

I visited Stories around the same time H&M came out with their beauty collection, and I really wanted to do a comparison of their stuff to see what I liked more. I have to say both brands really impressed me with their beauty products and I really, really want to try some more out!

Let's start with H&M beauty.

H&M recently relaunched their beauty line, which is now finally available in Slovenia as well. I am really, really impressed by their stuff. I got two lipsticks from them, and they're wonderfully creamy and the colors are very unique.

I also got a blusher, which gets a B- from me. Color is lovely, but the packaging - despite being cute - feels a bit cheap, and I wish it had a mirror.

The bodycare line is stunning though, and I fell in love with this Cashmere Haze body scrub, which is just stunning! And gentle too, if you don't like harsh body scrubs.

As far as hair products go, I'm not overly impressed with the spray I have, but maybe I'll change my mind? So far, all it has done is make my hair sticky.

Prices vary, it's around 10€ for a product.

Now moving on to & Other Stories...

I really wish I had spent more in Stories, everything I got is absolutely stunning. Let's start with the nail polish which gets a B from me. Lovely formula, good brush and they have an amazing color selection, but I absolutely hate the fact that you have to rip off the paper when you use it. Shame!

The skincare is interesting, I got a mask to use at nighttime and it's a nice product, but nothing revolutionary.

However, the hand lotion and hand wash are just lovely, with super unique scents which I just love. I really wish I'd gotten a candle too. I would totally recommend this.

In general, Stories is more expensive than H&M, so prices vary from 10-20€.

And the verdict?

I found it really hard to choose a winner here, I think both brands have amazing beauty lines! However, & Other Stories is better for skin/body/hair care, it feels more luxurious and I think it would make for a beautiful gift. The products are beautiful, have fantastic scents and are an affordable luxury. Stories takes the cake, but H&M's line is stunning as well! It's just a matter of personal preference.

You can check out Stories online, though they unfortunately don't ship to Slovenia (we need to do something about that).
Have you tried H&M beauty? What do you think of it?