Are you ready for something sweet and fresh?

I don't know about you, but I don't care if perfumes are meant for a certain time of the year. I just wear what I like year round, and this scent by Delarom is definitely one of those I love in any season. I received it a while ago but am only now getting to the review (boo, bad Živa), but that means I've tested it out a lot and can give my full opinion.

Upon application, Orangia Bellissima is a sharp citrus scent. Let it evolve on your skin though, and it becomes a soft, fresh and sweet scent you will fall in love with. It has top notes of three different citruses, of which grapefruit and amalfi lemon are most prominent to me. The middle notes are white florals - jasmine, orange flower and a bit of rose. And finally we have the sweet base notes with caramel, vanilla and benzoin.

The bottle is a beautiful gradient from clear to orange, so pretty. It looks minimalistic yet luxe on my shelf. I believe Delarom changed the bottle a little while ago, and I love the new design more.

This scent has average sillage and longevity, maybe a little weak for EDP (but we all know my skin drinks up perfume). It would be a lovely holiday gift! Delarom is also cruelty free. And I love their other scents as well... I have a few on my wishlist!

You can purchase this scent on Oblak, currently on offer - 38€ for 50 ml. I would recommend it for sure.

What scent are you wearing today?