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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Blogmas Day 15: Britney Spears Intimate Fantasy

Who hasn't been waiting for this review?!

The newest fragrance from Ms. Spears has us all excited, and I'm really happy to be talking about it today. I ordered it from All Beauty and I've been trying it out for a while now, so my review should be pretty thorough!

Intimate Fantasy is quite similar to the original Fantasy fragrance by Britney, but less intense and less sweet. It's muskier and more ozonic. 

The fragrance opens with lemon, violet leaf and litchi, one of my favorite notes in perfume. Next up, we have brown sugar, lily of the valley, genet and jasmine. I'm kind of on the fence on the genet note and I really wish perfumers would finally stop using it. Finally, the perfume settles into benzoin, white musk, heliotrope and vanilla.

These notes might sound quite strange and unique, but honestly I think the perfume is very likeable. If the original Fantasy was too strong or sweet for you, you might just love this one. Average sillage and longevity, and a great drydown. You can purchase it here for around 35€.
What is your favorite Britney perfume?


  1. Zveni fantastično, ga želim sprobat že odkar sem ga opazila na netu :D

  2. Ma noro. Meni so vsi njeni res všeč...mam trenutno 4 in čakam ker lista njenih je res dolga :D

  3. Ta je tudi na moji wish listi. Sicer Fantasy se mi ne zdi presladek, amapak mošus mi je zelo všeč. In če je bolj mošusni bo odličen. Bo moral enkrat v košarico :).

  4. Oh, jaz sem bila zaljubljena v Believe parfumček <3

    Me spominja na čase srednje šole, sem ga skos takrat nosila. Moram si ga že iz nostalgije spet kupit :)

    1. Omg, jaz sem ga tudi imela, pa mi ni bil všeč zaradi pačulija :( Sicer je super vonj, ga je moja mami celega porabila x

  5. I never try Britney's perfumes before but I love the packaging! Nice post xo



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