I've been loving Lush lately!

Lush is such a lovely natural brand, and I've been going to their store in Ljubljana quite a bit. Today, I have a review of two skincare products perfect for combination and blemish prone skin. Here we go.

Lush Tea Tree Water

This is a toner water I've really been enjoying lately. It has quite a sharp scent of tea tree and rosemary, I think, and it's really pleasant to use throughout the day. I love using toners all day long, not just in the morning and evening (if I'm not wearing makeup of course). It has astringent properties which are awesome for blemishes. Plus, it doesn't have alcohol so it won't sting - just don't get it in your eyes. I got 100 ml for around 8€.

Lush Grease Lightning

This is my favorite product by Lush and I've raved about it countless times. You know I suffer with acne and I've tried out loads of blemish products on the market, but this one is my favorite. It's, contradictory to the name, not greasy at all, but really fresh and sinks into the skin very fast. It has tea tree, lavender and aloe vera and feels so nice on my skin even when it's irritated. I would honestly recommend this over any acne treatment (Effaclar Duo+, Vichy Normaderm, this beats them all). It costs around 10€ for 50 ml.

Hope you enjoyed these two quick reviews, both products get my seal of approval!
What's your favorite acne treatment?