Two months ago, I didn't own a single Too Faced lipstick... Now I have five!

Okay, a big reason for that is buying a holiday gift set of these melted lipsticks, but I still managed to get quite an impressive amount! I wanted to do a quick review of these liquid lippies today and tell you what I think. 

Let's start with the brand. 

Too Faced has held my interest for ages, and I'm really in love with their cutesy packaging. When I finally found them in Paris, in Sephora, I knew I'd be getting quite a few products as the brand seems just lovely. Looking back, I'm mad at myself for not picking up more! I'll have to get more stuff from them next time.

How about the packaging?

The lipsticks come in adorable packaging, the color gives away the actual lipstick. While the tube packaging is the cutest, I'm just not a fan of it. It unscrews (the cap) and you have a sponge-y thing which you squeeze, and product comes out. I just don't like that kind of applicator, it gets soo messy with time. I'd prefer a glass tube really, with a doe-foot applicator. Oh well.

And the colors?

I absolutely love the colors I have. From L-R on the swatches above, they are Melted Metallic Peony, Melted Chihuahua, Melted Metallic Macaroon, Melted Fig and Melted Berry. I have to say, the colors are on point, they are really unique and pretty! I even like the Metallic ones which I would skip if they weren't in the gift set I got. My favorite is probably Melted Fig, it's so unique and just a gorgeous plum color (deeper but similar to MAC Plumful).


The full size is about 20€, so quite steep, but the minis were in a set for about 22€ for four, so I think that was a great deal. If you can still find the gift set, jump on the chance and get it, these are lovely.

Final verdict?

Worth the money despite the packaging not being my favorite. I adore them, and can't wait to add more to my collection! They're beautiful.
What is your favorite liquid lipstick?