Hello lovely people! Are you ready for December?

It's finally here and we're getting in the Christmas spirit. I decided to post daily here on my little blog as a way of celebrating this festive time of the year, and here is my first post, a beauty haul!

I had a meeting and I was a little early, so I headed to drogerie markt and Lush while I was waiting. I just couldn't resist picking up some goodies. I knew I wanted to check out the Merry Berry collection (and I'll have a full review and swatches up soon), the rest of my purchases were total impulse buys. Let's see what I got at Lush first.

This has a scent I thought I would hate, as it has pepper and patchouli, two notes I don't really love. However, I fell in love with it! Amazing, spicy, wintery fragrance which will work great in the shower. Plus, look at that fun color. Think this is from the Halloween collection, so better get to Lush fast if you want it! I paid 9€ for 100g of product.

Rose Jam Shower Gel

Oh my god, if you like sweet rose scents (like Stella McCartney perfume), you must smell this! I fell in love with this sugary rose scent which is part of the Lush Christmas collection. To me, it's much more unique and better than Snow Fairy. Again, 9€ for 100g.

Avocado Co-Wash

I posted a Lush haul a while ago, and during that visit, I saw two products I am still thinking about today. One is this gorgeous shower cream with yuzu and chocolate (which I will buy later as it's from the permanent collection), and the other is this shampoo. You wouldn't think it does, but it smells AMAZING. I want to eat/bathe in it. It's a shampoo and conditioner in one with avocado, cocoa butter and lavender. Paid about 20€ for around 130g.

Let's move on to my drogerie markt haul. For those of you who don't know, dm is a drugstore here in Slovenia and they have tons of European brands I love, like Balea, Essence and Catrice!

Essence Merry Berry Collection

So Živa, what did you get from this collection? Oh um, only everything. It was so inexpensive and so pretty I couldn't resist, okay! Look at those gorgeous nail polishes! The highlighter! The hair fragrance! I NEED! I'll post a full review with swatches soon. This is the Essence Christmas 2015 collection.

Catrice Eyeshadow Palette & Golden Powder

I've been pleased with Catrice eyeshadows, so I picked up this one on a whim. It's very neutral, and while I didn't need it desperately, it's a nice thing to have in my collection. It also has a big mirror on the lid, and it only cost about 8€. The powder seems to be like a highlighter, and was fairly inexpensive - around 3-4€ I think.

Balea Cool Blossom Shower Gel

Of course I can never resist Balea, and this shower gel is a yummy winter citrus, so unique, fruity but warm. Can't wait to use it, and you really can't beat the price of these, they're about 1€.

Balea Micellar Water

I saw Tatjana got this, so I had to jump on the bandwagon! I love micellar waters and I don't think I'll ever use anything else to remove makeup. Excited to see how this one performs for me, it was fairly cheap as well (I'm guessing 3€).

Hope you enjoyed this fun haul, it definitely put me in a Christmas mood! 
What posts would you like to see for Blogmas?