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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Artistry Hydra-V Cleanser & Gel Review

Are you ready for some light winter hydration?

Having combination to oily skin, I find it quite hard to find a winter moisturizer that isn't too heavy. It seems like every product meant for winter is heavy and just too overwhelming for my skin type. So I was really excited to try the Artistry Hydra-V range, which is specifically meant for oily to combination skin (but they also have a line for dry to normal skin).

Hydra-V Fresh Foaming Cleanser

I love cleansing my face with a product like this one. It doesn't foam up too much, it's very gentle and what I love most, it doesn't irritate my eyes. Instead, it's really fresh, leaves my skin feeling soft and subtle, and feels gentle on my skin. I was also pleasantly surprised by the price, as Artistry is quite an expensive brand, but this cleanser is priced reasonably at about 23€ on the Artistry website.

Hydra-V Refreshing Gel

I love skincare targeted to oily/combination skin, but they often include a mattifying effect, which I'm not a huge fan of. I much prefer something like this light hydrating gel. Again, very gentle, non-irritating, fresh and soothing, a product that would work, in my opinion, for problematic skin as well. I really enjoy using it both in the morning as well as nighttime, and I've noticed my skin is less oily throughout the day and when I wake up. This really helps keep my oily skin at bay and doesn't make my skin feel tight or uncomfortable. It's a bit more expensive at about 41€ - maybe something to wish for under your Christmas tree? Available here.

If you're looking for a nice moisturizer that will work any time of the year, I'd definitely recommend the gel, and the cleanser is lovely (even for use on my eyes, and I wear contacts). Thumbs up from me.
As a side note, I'm thinking about doing Blogmas. Would you like to see a new post every day in December?



  1. All these products look amazing - I have acne so might give them a try. Also - yes do blogmas! I think I'm going to try it too x


  2. O, nisem vedela da imajo tako visoke cene - tudi jaz še testiram gel :) Upam, da bo tudi meni odgovarjal.

  3. Kr visoka cena =/ Se pa sliši kot nekaj zelo uporabnega ;) Zdaj ko je zima sem na lovu za nečim vlažilnim ;) Koliko se pa kaj porabi gela?
    Xoxo, Nyx

    1. Gela in kreme ful malo, eno kapljico :)

  4. Oh, ogrlice... kje si ju kupila? :D

  5. Yes to blogmas!!! Such a great idea!!


  6. Great review! I need to get my hands on this gel, it sounds amazing! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food, Beauty & Lifestyle

  7. Ful berem o Artistry izdelkih in že resno razmišljam da bi sprobala, sam se tut meni zdi ta cena kr visoka in se prav mal bojim sprobat, glede na to da mi je Green Line suuper. Ampak ja, ker sm ženska se seveda naveličam in bi rada kej novga sprobala. Kot vidim ste vse navdušene tko da mogoče pride tut v mojo kopalnico enkrat :P Definitivno pa na wish listi :D
    Kar se tiče pa Blogmasa bi pa rekla da je to sicr super ideja, ampak mislm d je boljše delat na kvaliteti kot na kvantiteti in kvalitetno objavo čist vsak dan napisat...

    1. Če si našla top kremo, res ni potrebe da jo menjaš :) Mogoče raje preizkusi kaj od iste znamke, Green Line je res super! Blogmas pa se strinjam, tudi meni je zelo pomembna kvaliteta. Me pa tele vsakodnevne objave ful veselijo in dajo več zagona, tako da se vseeno kar veselim. Se bom potrudila, da bo na nivoju <3

  8. First, I have to say how beautiful your pictures are! And the name of your blog, wow, I love it! Hope to read a lot of incredible posts like this one soon.

    Thais Rodrigues

  9. I use this product and it really shows a difference. My skin is no longer oily looking and the gel really mattifies the skin!


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