It's finally fall, and I've prepared a post about my favorite foundations from the drugstore!

When the colder weather comes around, I like my foundation to be matte and full coverage. So with that in mind, I picked up three winning formulas from the drugstore, which I'd like to talk about today. Here we go...

Maybelline Dream Wonder Nude/Flawless Nude

I picked this up 'just because', and I didn't really think it would work for me. I thought it would be more like a very runny BB cream, but this foundation surprised me with just how good it is! It's very watery indeed, but that makes it perfect to layer and achieve the perfect amount of coverage. It looks natural, feels very light and fresh and looks perfect on the skin. I know it has different names in different countries, and you can also get it on FeelUnique for about 12€. The only problem is the packaging, it has a weird stick and there's no pump, so I just pour it out. Too bad about that as it's a great product, and if it had a pump, I'd reach for it even more. I have the shade 010 Ivoire and it's a nice match.

Bourjois Air Mat

A new addition to the Bourjois family, one I knew I'd have to get as soon as it hit stores in Slovenia. And I'm so glad I did! This foundation is amazing! Comparable to Rimmel Stay Matte but without the mousse texture (which I don't like), it has the best coverage, stays matte throughout the day and smells lovely... I'm just so in love with it. It might become my go-to foundation this fall/winter! It's also about 12€ and you can find it in Boots. I have the shade 01 Rose Ivory and it's an okay match. I even got a few compliments when I wore this! That never happens.

L'Oréal Infallible 24H Matte

Another amazing find! I really wanted to try this, but couldn't find it in stores, but you can find it on Salma for less than 11€. Similar to Air Mat but thicker, full coverage, slightly less matte (needs a bit of powder after a few hours, at least on my oily skin), great texture, great product. I love it! My shade is 12 Natural Rose. I would recommend this to girls with combination skin, if you're oily, go for Bourjois instead.

These foundations are all amazing and all under 13€, so I think they're the perfect fall treat! Your skin will look amazing and matte throughout the day.
What's your favorite fall foundation?

Končno je jesen... Za vas sem pripravila objavo o treh pudrih, ki jih v tem letnem času obožujem.

Pozimi imam rada mat pudre z veliko prekrivnosti, še bolje pa je, če mi ne naredijo luknje v žepu. S tem v mislih sem pripravila današnjo objavo. Vsi spodnji pudri stanejo manj kot 13€!
Kupila sem ga brez razloga, očaral me je pa vseeno. Moti me sicer, da nima pumpice, temveč samo nekakšno paličico, sicer se ga pa zlije na čopič. Puder je zelo tekoč, popoln za nanos v plasteh, da dosežemo idealno prekrivnost. Stane okrog 12€, moj odtenek pa je 010 Ivoire. 
Ker sem velika oboževalka Bourjois pudrov, sem vedela, da bom tudi novega preizkusila takoj. Seveda me je navdušil - za drugstore znamko ima Bourjois ene boljših podlag! Mat čez cel dan, s prijetnim vonjem, odlično prekrivnostjo in dobro teksturo je puder eden izmed mojih favoritov letošnjega leta. Stane okrog 12€, moj odtenek je 01 Rose Ivory.
Tegale žal še ni Sloveniji, ga pa lahko kupite na Salmi. Stane pod 11€, je pa krasen puder, podoben Air Mat in Rimmel Stay Matte, samo z drugačno teksturo. Ni čisto mousse, je pa precej gosta. Odlična prekrivnost, porabi se ga malo, lep in enostaven nanos... Krasen izdelek, ki ga toplo priporočam. Najbolj bo ustrezal puncam z mešano kožo.

Vsi omenjeni pudri so enkratni, pa še ugodni... Priporočam za jesen in zimo!
Kateri pa je tvoj najljubši puder za jesen?