I've spoken about my skin quite a few times on the blog. As you might know, I've suffered with acne in the past, and in 2015 it got way worse because of some medication I was on. I finally switched it and now my skin is looking a bit better, though it's still combination/oily and a little problematic. But in the summertime, I often don't feel like using agressive acne treatments, and that's where this line by Vichy comes in.

As soon as I got the package with these two products for review, I fell head-over-heels in love. They have absolutely gorgeous packaging, and as I've said before, Vichy is my favorite skincare brand, so I was excited with good reason! So what did I think of the products?

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hidration - Light Cream

This moisturizer has the most lovely scent, light and kind of old school, so nice! It's an extremely light texture which feels like nothing on the skin. I apply a small amount, because it's really hydrating despite its lightness. It sinks in fast & doesn't leave an oily trace on the skin. The product is somewhat mattifying on my matte skin and great under makeup or by itself. What I love most is the way it makes my skin feel - light, refreshed and cool. I hate heavy moisturizers and this definitely isn't one, it's just great, especially for summertime! You can find this moisturizer on FeelUnique for about 25€.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Awakening Eye Balm

I need to start using eye creams more, and this Vichy offering is the perfect way to get into using eye products! It's so light and so cooling, it's a joy to use... I just love the instant cooling & soothing sensation it gives me. Definitely a great product and I'd like to point out it doesn't irritate my eyes at all & I wear contacts! If anything, it feels like a treat to use it after a long day. Just a great product for tired eyes. It also makes my undereyes look less dry and less 'creased' if you know what I mean, and is great under makeup as well. Available on FeelUnique for about 21€.

I hope you give this line a try, or anything else from Vichy for that matter, I'm a huge advocate of their products. They definitely work well for me!
What is your favorite skincare line for the summertime?