What's your favorite skincare brand?

Mine is, without a doubt, Vichy. I absolutely adore their Normaderm line, and recently, I've also been trying out the Idealia range. While Normaderm is meant for oily, acne-prone skin, Idealia is about results - suitable for every skin type, it's supposed to make your skin fresh, dewy and radiant. Sign me up!


Vichy Idealia Eyes has been in my collection for the longest time, this is actually my second tube. I love this product so much. It has a really cool applicator, which is made from soft plastic and is very bendy. I personally wear contact lenses and my eyes sometimes get sensitive and dry, but this doesn't irritate them at all. It's refreshing and moisturizing, and it really delivers with results! My under eye circles are a little puffy, but my main problem is darkness, and this really lightens them. There are results after 1-2 hours, but if you use it daily, it really will help in the longterm. The price is around 30€ on Feelunique.


For the daytime, I really like the Idealia Smoothing and Illuminating Cream for Normal to Combination Cream. This comes in a version for dry skin as well and both creams are priced at 34€ on FeelUnique. I love the radiance this gives my skin! My skin type is oily and acne-prone, and using the products I do, it's hard to keep my skin supple. It often looks sallow and this really helps with dullness. I also noticed it started fading my scars much faster as well as pigmentation stains. 


The Idealia Life Serum can be used either night or day. It is more expensive at 42€, but it gives great results. First of all, I remember seeing this ages ago when it came out and I didn't care if it wasn't for my skin type, I wanted that pretty bottle in my collection. Well, this is a wish come true. This serum does have small glitter in it, but it's really nothing terrible. It actually makes my skin look radiant as opposed to a disco ball. My skin just feels replenished, and the serum is so light and moisturizing it's really a pleasure to wear.


The latest addition to the Idealia line is Skin Sleep. I went to a super fun press event when it came out and had a great time, plus I got to take home this pretty bottle! I'll try to explain this product as best as I can. Basically, it's meant for people who don't sleep right - whether it's insomnia, chronic tiredness, sleeping at late hours ... This will fix your problems, as it works like a good night's sleep! It actually works and if you don't believe me, just try it out and you will see a change after one day. The whole Idealia line is also very pleasantly scented, not too offensive, but light and pretty. Unfortunately I can't find Skin Sleep on FeelUnique or Boots - it's a very new release! Slovenian readers should be able to get it by now, though, and I know you can also buy it in France. 

Hope you enjoyed this skincare review. I really love trying out new stuff, and I think when products make a difference even when they're not specifically meant for my skin, that's a sign they're goooood.
What is your favorite skincare brand?