Out of all the makeup tricks on the internet ... this is by far my favorite.

I'm not going to claim ownership to this idea, I actually saw it on Youtube while researching foundation reviews. I cam across this video by WayneGoss. I watched it with interest, but in the end, I was convinced this was just some gimmick. Basically, Wayne says to mix your foundation with some oil and then apply the mixture as you would normally. 

What? Oil + foundation? But surely that would make a greasy, oily mess!

Well, it doesn't. Instead, the oil and foundation make an incredibly flawless finish, give you that glowing from within look and stay on your face looking perfect for much, much longer. The first time I tried this trick (months after seeing the video), I fell in love. It really is that good.

It will work with any foundation and a liquid oil, but I've been using it with Maybelline Better Skin and the AlpStories Argan Oil. For 1 and a half pump of foundation, I use 1 pump of oil and it's the perfect amount.

Another thing, I have oily, problematic skin, and I have no issues using my foundation this way. Instead, my skin feels nourished even when I'm wearing makeup. Amazing!

And here is some info on the oil I've been using ...

  1. It's cold process oil, which means there's no heat used in the process. 
  2. Not tested on animals, appropriate for vegans.
  3. No parabens, mineral oil, synthethic fragrances, silicones or artificial colorants.
  4. Rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and proteins.
  5. Helps with fading scars and discoloration, can be used for stretch marks, gives back elasticity.
This is a really great oil and such a multi-purpose product. I'd love to make another post and tell you about all the ways you can use it - but this tip is something you must try for yourself. You will love it!
What is your top makeup tip?