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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lolita Lempicka Elle L'Aime EDP Review

Lately, my blog is all about perfumes!

But this one really is a winner. I asked for some suggestions on a perfume forum, and a lovely lady suggested I try Lolita Lempicka Elle L'Aime. I decided to pick it up, since it wasn't too expensive. I've had the original Lempicka fragrance before and I absolutely detested it - I really hate the note of licorice, of which that has plenty. This, however, is a completely different story.

This is a sweet, citrus-and-coconut creamy fragrance. It really does smell like a delicious blend of fresh, zesty lime with the creamiest coconut you can imagine. It smells good enough to drink out of the bottle! With additional notes of vanilla, jasmine and sandalwood, this is a love it or hate it kind of fragrance. It's kind of gourmand in a sense, but definitely not the syrupy sweet scents you might be used to. It smells a bit like Bronze Goddess mixed with lime. I absolutely love it!

The 80 ml bottle cost me around 30€ and I don't regret this blind buy at all. A really lovely summer fragrance, and best of all, it's a sillage and logevity monster. It's definitely a compliment getter, heavy in the beginning, but fades out in 4-5 hours. I adore it.
Have you tried any Lolita Lempicka fragrances?


Monday, May 18, 2015

Yankee Candle Red Velvet

Every time I get a new Yankee Candle, it feels like Christmas!

I just love them so much - everything from the packaging to that rich aroma is perfect. This time around, I received Red Velvet for review and immediately fell in love with this beautiful fragrance.

I've had Red Velvet once before, when I picked up a small votive candle, and I remember my shopping bag smelling so divinely sweet I didn't even want to unpack it! So choosing this scent was pretty much a given, and I immediately fell in love with it. While it is more of a heavy scent, I don't mind using it in the warmer months, especially on a rainy day - it makes me feel so warm and cozy.

Confession time - I've never had red velvet cake. 

They're just not as popular around here! But to me, this candle smells like a rich cake complete with brown sugar creamy frosting. It's definitely a very sweet bakery scent which you just won't be able to resist. I personally love it!

The only problem is that it will eventually burn out and I'll have to pick out a new fragrance - with Yankee Candle's wide variety of scents it's just a shame to pick the same one every single time. But not to worry, I already have my eye on a few new scents from their Café Culture Collection ... ;)
What is your favorite YC scent?


Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Best Makeup Tip I Ever Got

Out of all the makeup tricks on the internet ... this is by far my favorite.

I'm not going to claim ownership to this idea, I actually saw it on Youtube while researching foundation reviews. I cam across this video by WayneGoss. I watched it with interest, but in the end, I was convinced this was just some gimmick. Basically, Wayne says to mix your foundation with some oil and then apply the mixture as you would normally. 

What? Oil + foundation? But surely that would make a greasy, oily mess!

Well, it doesn't. Instead, the oil and foundation make an incredibly flawless finish, give you that glowing from within look and stay on your face looking perfect for much, much longer. The first time I tried this trick (months after seeing the video), I fell in love. It really is that good.

It will work with any foundation and a liquid oil, but I've been using it with Maybelline Better Skin and the AlpStories Argan Oil. For 1 and a half pump of foundation, I use 1 pump of oil and it's the perfect amount.

Another thing, I have oily, problematic skin, and I have no issues using my foundation this way. Instead, my skin feels nourished even when I'm wearing makeup. Amazing!

And here is some info on the oil I've been using ...

  1. It's cold process oil, which means there's no heat used in the process. 
  2. Not tested on animals, appropriate for vegans.
  3. No parabens, mineral oil, synthethic fragrances, silicones or artificial colorants.
  4. Rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and proteins.
  5. Helps with fading scars and discoloration, can be used for stretch marks, gives back elasticity.
This is a really great oil and such a multi-purpose product. I'd love to make another post and tell you about all the ways you can use it - but this tip is something you must try for yourself. You will love it!
What is your top makeup tip?


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Vichy Idealia Skincare Range Review

What's your favorite skincare brand?

Mine is, without a doubt, Vichy. I absolutely adore their Normaderm line, and recently, I've also been trying out the Idealia range. While Normaderm is meant for oily, acne-prone skin, Idealia is about results - suitable for every skin type, it's supposed to make your skin fresh, dewy and radiant. Sign me up!


Vichy Idealia Eyes has been in my collection for the longest time, this is actually my second tube. I love this product so much. It has a really cool applicator, which is made from soft plastic and is very bendy. I personally wear contact lenses and my eyes sometimes get sensitive and dry, but this doesn't irritate them at all. It's refreshing and moisturizing, and it really delivers with results! My under eye circles are a little puffy, but my main problem is darkness, and this really lightens them. There are results after 1-2 hours, but if you use it daily, it really will help in the longterm. The price is around 30€ on Feelunique.


For the daytime, I really like the Idealia Smoothing and Illuminating Cream for Normal to Combination Cream. This comes in a version for dry skin as well and both creams are priced at 34€ on FeelUnique. I love the radiance this gives my skin! My skin type is oily and acne-prone, and using the products I do, it's hard to keep my skin supple. It often looks sallow and this really helps with dullness. I also noticed it started fading my scars much faster as well as pigmentation stains. 


The Idealia Life Serum can be used either night or day. It is more expensive at 42€, but it gives great results. First of all, I remember seeing this ages ago when it came out and I didn't care if it wasn't for my skin type, I wanted that pretty bottle in my collection. Well, this is a wish come true. This serum does have small glitter in it, but it's really nothing terrible. It actually makes my skin look radiant as opposed to a disco ball. My skin just feels replenished, and the serum is so light and moisturizing it's really a pleasure to wear.


The latest addition to the Idealia line is Skin Sleep. I went to a super fun press event when it came out and had a great time, plus I got to take home this pretty bottle! I'll try to explain this product as best as I can. Basically, it's meant for people who don't sleep right - whether it's insomnia, chronic tiredness, sleeping at late hours ... This will fix your problems, as it works like a good night's sleep! It actually works and if you don't believe me, just try it out and you will see a change after one day. The whole Idealia line is also very pleasantly scented, not too offensive, but light and pretty. Unfortunately I can't find Skin Sleep on FeelUnique or Boots - it's a very new release! Slovenian readers should be able to get it by now, though, and I know you can also buy it in France. 

Hope you enjoyed this skincare review. I really love trying out new stuff, and I think when products make a difference even when they're not specifically meant for my skin, that's a sign they're goooood.
What is your favorite skincare brand?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Salma Beauty & Fragrance Haul

I bought perfume ... again.

I can't help myself, okay?! Especially when I go and browse Salma, I instantly end up with some new scents in my basket. So I ended up getting two perfumes as well as two makeup items. Here are my initial thoughts ...


Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse Foundation, a product I've never been to interested in. However, the price is too good to pass up, it's only 4,5€ and the shade I got is one that matches me really well. I'm having trouble finding a light enough shade for my skin, but Rimmel's 103 True Ivory fits nicely.

I also got the Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent Powder, which I've had before until someone dropped it and broke it. I remember liking it a lot, and it is only 3,60€, so I didn't mind spending that small amount. Plus, I really needed a new foundation and powder.


I checked out a lot of perfumes, but in the end decided on two. The first one is Juicy Couture Couture La La, the 100 ml bottle which only cost 29,60€. I've never owned a JC fragrance, but I love the way they look, and I just couldn't resist this one. The bottle is absolutely beautiful, I love the way it reflects light. The juice is light, floral and very soft. Perfect spring fragrance and something I'll probably wear when I go to bed as well (am I the only one who does that?).

The final product was recommended to me on a fragrance forum and when I read the description, it went straight into my basket and was the reason I placed this order. It's from Lolita Lempicka - I had their original fragrance and hated it with a passion, since it has a lot of licorice which I really hate. This one, however, is nothing like that. It's pure coconut, very creamy, soft but strong, with a shot of lime. It is lovely, but definitely not a simple gourmand. It's very special. This perfume is called Elle L'Aime and I got the 80 ml bottle for 31,60€. The bottle is gold and has the logo imprinted on it, pretty!

There you go, another haul from Salma. I may be a little addicted to this site and I'm already seeing another order being placed in the near future ...
What was the last perfume you bought?


Monday, May 11, 2015

Drugstore Dupe for Redken Anti-Snap

Let's chat hair care!

I've been using the Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-In Conditioner for the better part of a year now. I even mentioned I stopped using it for a while, and this is definitely one of those products that you notice is missing - does that make sense? When I didn't use it, my hair was dry and kept getting tangled up, but when I do put it in, my hair is softer & silkier.

While I've had my bottle for a long time, I have to say this is a pretty expensive product. You can usually get it on some kind of offer, but the price is still around 20€. I've been trying to find a dupe for a long time, but it seemed pretty much impossible ...

Enter John Frieda.

I've used a lot of their products over the years, but somehow managed to forget about them after a while. A few weeks ago, I was sent two of their new products and the Frizz Ease Daily Miracle Leave-In Conditioner immediately caught my fancy.

This product is a little different than the Redken one. While Anti-Snap is kind of like a liquid cream with a pump, Daily Miracle is in a spray bottle and feels like thick water. You spray it on your ends (don't use too much or your hair will get crunchy), and it works a treat! I noticed it significantly cut down the time I need to dry my hair, and it made it much softer and less prone to tangles. Usually, I need to comb my hair every 2 hours because otherwise it gets these insane knots, but with this, I can easily do it 1-2 per day. A great improvement for me.

Best of all, the product only costs around 8€, which is half the price of Redken. I apply it to towel-dried hair (a small amount, way less than Redken) and either air or blow-dry.

In case you are interested, Redken has 250 ml of product, and John Frieda has 200 ml, which I'm totally fine with - I like changing up my products and had Redken not worked so well, I would've gotten tired of it at this point.

I've really been enjoying it and I would definitely recommend it if you have hair like mine - very long, prone to knots, damaged.
What is your favorite leave-in conditioner?

P.S. I am totally in love with my new background, which my father-in-law made for me, how sweet is that? I feel like a proper beauty blogger now, hehe.


Friday, May 1, 2015

Perfume Comparison: Katy Perry Meow and Purr

When I bought this two perfumes, I got a request to compare them, and I thought I'd do that today! I've been in two minds about Purr and Meow - one day I love one, then the other. I just can't make my mind up, they're both wonderful! But in case you are wondering, here's a little comparison of the two.


Let's talk about Meow first. This is a vanillary, very sweet perfume with notes of vanilla, pear, tangerine, musk and gardenia. I definitely smell some citrus and the vanilla. Pear is one of my favorite notes and I find it very hard to pick out in a perfume, but it gives it that special note that I really enjoy, it mixes well with everything else. Meow is not sugary sweet, but instead nicely rounded, it's definitely not one of those artifical syrupy scents. I love it personally, mostly for the creamy scent which is rare with sweet fragrances.

Purr is quite a different scent, though they have some of the same notes. Where Meow is sweet, Purr is more floral. The most prominent note for me is gardenia along with tuberose, so the white florals are very present in here. It also has peach and vanilla as well as coconut. Now doesn't that sound like an absolute treat? Unfortunately, it doesn't smell like that exactly, which is not to say it's a bad fragrance! In fact, it's my favorite out of the two at the moment (though this changes weekly) and I love the more outgoing, grown-up vibe it has. I just don't smell the coconut or peach at all.

Longevity & sillage

Both scents have average lasting power of about 3-4 hours, but they have great sillage! You can really smell them on a person and on clothes, they last up to two days which I love.


Obviously, the packaging on both perfumes is very similar, they're both cat shaped with crystals for eyes and have a pendant around their neck. Meow is light pick while Purr is a nice dark purple. I love them both, they're a little kitsch, but they look really cute on my perfume shelf.


Prices for these two are very similar and they're really great if you're on a budget. I paid 20,70€ for Purr and 25,50€ for Meow respectively, but they often have deals for these two fragrances so you can get them for even less. Both are 100 ml bottles and will last you ages so it really is a great deal.

Which one should you get?

It's entirely up to you. If you like fragrances like Aquolina Pink Sugar and the Fantasy line from Britney Spears, you'll prefer Meow. If you like Agent Provocateur, the original scent from Kim Kardashian and other white florals, go for Purr. On another note, if you need a sexier fragrance, I would say Purr is better, it's verrrrrrry seductive *waggling eyebrows* while Meow is more of a daytime scent (this is my opinion, my boyfriend actually prefers Meow, I don't get it). Honestly though, I think both scents are great and if you want, you should really get both - they're inexpensive and nice quality, plus different enough to justify having both!

There is another scent by Katy Perry called Killer Queen, which I don't have since it has a lot of patchouli, which I can't stand, but there a few flankers of it which sound quite lovely. Anyway, I hope this comparison was helpful to some of you and I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Do you prefer Meow or Purr?

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