I've been interested in the brand Milani for ages, and when I discovered a great online store where I could get the products delivered to Slovenia, I just had to place an order! I have to tell you, I've been really off the blusher bandwagon, but apparently jumped back on it with no less than 3 new blushers. I also got a few other bits, let's see what my first impressions are ...


Starting out with the Baked Blush, I absolutely had to get Luminoso with all the hype it's been getting for years. I knew it was a little on the coral side, but I have to say it's quite orange, which is not really a colour I'm used to with blushers, so I'm hoping I can make it work. For the price of about 6€, I had to get another one, and I chose Dolce Pink. I thought it would be more hot pink, but it's more of a neutral brown pink.

I also decided to get the Baked Bronzer, and I was initially disappointed upon receiving it as the shade Soleil which I got is very orange ... But I used it yesterday and I thought it looked quite pretty! Only time will tell, but for about 7,5€ - I'm quite pleased.

I also got the Rose Blush because I'm a sucker for cute things - I mean just look at it! The shade Tea Rose is a beautiful dusky pink, which surprised me with loads of pigmentation. It's very powdery but looks beautiful, applies nicely and is so soft - does that make sense? It's a little more expensive at about 8€, but the quality is really there. I love the shade, too. Oh, and I think this product is limited edition, so grab it while you can!


On a whim, I picked up a liquid liner. It's one of those marker ones, which I generally don't like as I think they dry out quite quickly. For now I've only tried Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Liner on the back of my hand and it stays for ages and doesn't smudge at all, so it looks quite promising. The price is 6€.

I also got a product for my brows, it seems like I'm a little addicted to these. The Easybrow Pencil is very very creamy, has a spoolie on one end and is really great, though it does smudge a little bit. For 4€ though, a great buy!


I couldn't resist their lipsticks, but I tried to get the Matte ones, and they were mostly out of stock, so I settled for the Color Statement Lipsticks. Unfortunately, these were a flop for me, and it's totally my fault because I didn't Google swatches of the shades I got. The formula is just lovely, creamy, blendable, not drying ... But the colors I got (Teddy Bare and Naturally Chic) are really unflattering on me, one is a dark brown and the other is an orange brown. They look great on my mom though. The lipsticks are around 5€, which is great!

A few words about the store where I shopped, I discovered http://milanicosmetics.eu/index.html a while ago and decided to finally place an order. This is the European distributor and the prices are okay compared to other places, still a little too much for my liking though - Milani is a drugstore brand, after all. However, shipping was about 8€, the package arrived with GLS in 3 working days which is perfect! I was so pleased with the service and I'll definitely order again as soon as they get more things in stock. Definitely recommend their site!

Milani has impressed me I must say! I will definitely be ordering more from them, and I'm mostly excited about the Matte Lipsticks, which I cannot wait to try out. I'll try to do a FOTD with these products or at least some swatches.
Have you tried any Milani products?