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Saturday, April 25, 2015

50 Spring Post Ideas For Beauty Bloggers

Hello ladies!

My blog had a little redesign yesterday. I wanted a small change, just to make it look a little more professional, and I love this new template! Let me know what you think in the comments, I would love to know.

I did this kind of post a few times in the past, and I thought enough time had passed to prepare another one. I know how it is when you're stuck for post ideas, so today I decided to share some ideas which are all spring inspired and tailored to fellow beauty bloggers! I might take a few ideas off the list myself. Here are a few suggestions if you're in a rut ...

  1. Top drugstore/high end dewy foundations 
  2. Most anticipated beauty products of the season
  3. How to change up your beauty routine for Spring
  4. Favorite celebrity frangrances for Spring
  5. Favorite candles for the warmer weather
  6. Top 5 spring beauty products under 5€
  7. Best skincare products for a Spring detox
  8. 3 easy Spring ready hairstyles
  9. 'No makeup' makeup tutorial
  10. Simple waterproof contouring tutorial 
  11. Best skincare products for fading scars
  12. What's in my bad - Spring edition
  13. Best products to revive hair after winter
  14. Best products to protect hair in the sun
  15. Favorite travel-friendly beauty products
  16. Skincare products that give you a glow
  17. Makeup products that give you a glow
  18. 5 top setting powders for hot weather
  19. 3 ways to stop skin from getting oily
  20. Favorite primers/setting sprays for spring & summer
  21. 4 new makeup brands to try this season
  22. Lightweight moisturizers for spring
  23. Marsala makeup - Pantone color of the year shades
  24. Best bright lipsticks from the drugstore
  25. Spring haircare routine
  26. Top 5 dry shampoos
  27. Favorite spring blushers (drugstore/high end)
  28. How to wear dark lipstick when it's warm outside
  29. Best salt sprays on the market
  30. Hair tutorial - effortless beachy waves
  31. What's on my nightstand in the Spring
  32. Drugstore makeup tutorial for Spring - everything under 10€
  33. Best long lasting makeup products
  34. Best hydrating products for hair/skin/lips
  35. Top lip balms to save dry, chapped lips (high end/drugstore)
  36. Best SPF beauty products
  37. Spring clearing your makeup collection - how to downsize
  38. Trying a new beauty brand for springtime
  39. Favorite pastel nail polishes
  40. Favorite neon nail polishes
  41. Concealing dark undereye circles tutorial
  42. Top skincare products for preventing redness
  43. Best detangling hair brushes
  44. Best easy to use self tanning products
  45. 5 coral lipsticks to try
  46. Top citrus scented beauty products
  47. What's in my travel makeup bag
  48. Top cream blushes
  49. How to fake a good night's sleep - makeup tutorial
  50. His and hers fragrances for spring
Whew, there we go! If that doesn't give you a kickstart, I don't know what will. :) Hopefully this post helped to give you some inspiration and you're bursting with new ideas as you write this. If you end up using one of these ideas, make sure to link it in the comments!
What's your favorite idea out of these?


  1. Wow this must have taken you ages! So many amazing ideas xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. It was worth it, I'm loving the responses! Thanks Gemma xx

  2. Whoa, that's an impressive list! Great ideas. I'd love to see people's take on 28!

  3. What a list - Thanks for sharing. I would say my favourite would be the pastel nail polishes as I love painting my nails. Joan at www.aviewtothefells.com

  4. Tale template je fuuul všečen :D
    Sem pa iz telih tvojih predlogov za objave jih 13 zase našla :D Od tega mam 5 planiranih že nakaj časa pa še kar odlašam...ups.

    1. Hvalaa <3 Le pošeraj, ko boš objavla :)

  5. Such a helpful post, thank you so much! Love your blog xx

    Beauty Girl

  6. I needed this post very much so! Thanks for the ideas x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  7. There are so many great ideas here! Thank you for sharing them all. x


  8. Great list :) I definitely need this right now! Bloggers block!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  9. Hvala za čudovite ideje, zelo pomagajo,saj se trudim prvič deliti svoje misli in navdušenje nad modo in kozmetiko z bralci, tako lepo je videti kako se podpirate! :)

  10. Going to be using these for sure! Love prompts like this - sometimes it gives you more ideas that lead on from an original post too x


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