Is there a better feeling than applying your makeup with a brand new brush?

My Real Techniques brushes are looking a little worse for wear. I've had my Core Collection Kit for a year and a half now and the brush I use to apply my foundation has definitely seen better times. I decided I absolutely needed new face brushes, and this is where Nanshy comes in.

It's a relatively new brand to me, but I loved the look of their brushes - sleek, pretty & they seem like they do the job well. The price is great too, as the brushes were both under 15€. I got the Buffed Base Brush as well as the Flawless Foundation Brush. I've used them two times and already, I'm totally in love!

Let's start with the Flawless Foundation Brush, which is my favourite out of the two. First of all, it's incredibly soft and very dense. Applying makeup with this is an absolute dream, it glides over the skin and it applied my makeup so well, distributing it nicely and not setting in my pores. I tried it with both liquid and powder foundation and I love it for both. I might have to get another one of these, because ...

The Flawless Foundation Brush by Nanshy is currently my #1 brush - and I've only had it for 3 days.

Moving on to the Buffed Base Brush, this reminds me very much of the Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques. It's very soft again, quite dense (more so than the Flawless Foundation Brush), and I like it more for applying powder products, like blusher, bronzer and translucent powder. Again, it's lovely, and I'm definitely not sorry I got it.

Nanshy brushes are cruelty-free and synthetic, they're incredibly soft and beautiful (you can also get them in black, but I thought the white looked so pretty). They're not that expensive, coming in at about 14€ a piece, and I would strongly, strongly recommend them!
What is your favourite brand of makeup brushes?