As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been renovating my bedroom. Since my boyfriend now lives with us, it was just not cutting it anymore - when we moved in 6 years ago, my room was designed for one person and now it needs to accommodate two and we definitely needed an upgrade.

My old bed was just a frame from Ikea which cost 100€ and honestly, it was not suited for two people. The bed was lumpy and squeaky, you couldn't even put a finger on it without it making so much noise you would think a cat was mating outside. 

So I started searching for a new bed with one condition - I really wanted it to have storage, and at first, I checked out some beds with drawers, but in the end, I decided on a bed that lifts up, because you can put loads of things inside. However, a bed like that is incredibly hard to find ...

Enter Harvey Norman.

I found their Dionis bed and it was love at first sight. The top lifts up, its 160 cm wide and it has the prettiest headboard I've ever seen in stores around here. I also love the pure white colour. Let's not mention our trip to the store in Ljubljana, when I spotted a suede dark purple bed, promptly fell in love and was immediately told off by Tilen, who claimed 'the room was princess-y enough without the purple MoFo.' 

I ordered the bed on Friday and it was promptly delivered Monday morning. The two deliverymen even carried it up into our apartment (I felt awful because they had to go up 6 flights of stairs). Then came the part we thought would be easiest - putting it together. This is the only gripe I have with the Dionis bed, it came in two parts with the headboard being separated from the bottom, and you had to screw it in. 

Fast forward three hours, I'm lying inside the bed, my mom is holding the headboard and my dad is cursing like a crazy person trying to screw the bolts. The screws are about 1,5 cm too short, which is really annoying and makes attaching the bed to the headboard nearly impossible. I don't know whether it's the case with all Dionis beds but it's a huge pain in the butt! The price is 450€ which I think is okay for a bed of this quality, ignoring the putting-it-together part.

That aside, as soon as the bed was up, I was in love. It's exquisite, it looks fit for a queen (and king, shut up, Tilen). As you can see, we painted all the walls lilac except for one which is in white wood and the white ceiling. The 'Dream' quote is from Mömax in Graz and the pretty bedding is from Next

Very quickly, let me just mention the blankets. One is from Ikea, it was reduced to a bargainous 15€ (the purple knitted one), and the second one is incredibly soft and has pom poms. Seriously. Need I say more?! It's from Vonj Narave, a Slovenian store which you can find in Ljubljana and Celje as well as online. Let me just tell you, getting the pom pom one was a BATTLE. Tilen hates it (HOW CAN ANYONE HATE IT? It's beautemous).

Whew, that's a long post. I'm only showing you my bed today because the rest of the room isn't finished yet, we still have to get new desk chairs and an armchair so it might take another few months to get it set up. But would you be interested in a room tour when it's done? I'd love to do one.
What does your bedroom look like?