Spring is in the air ...

And I couldn't be more ready for it! I'm definitely a fall type of girl, but for some reason, this year I'm really looking forward to the warmer months. And while I'm not really loving the rainy weather at the moment, I can't wait for the sunshine and warm days to arrive!

With the arrival of spring, several brands have new collections to present as well, and I was thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to try the new collection from Le Couvent Des Minimes, Eau des Matines.

I haven't tried Le Couvent Des Minimes before, but it's a brand I've spotted in my local Müller and browsed several times. I received the Awakening Shower Dew, Cologne & Hand Cream. Eau des Matines translates to Morning if I'm not mistaken, and I definitely think it's named appropriately ...

Hand Cream

It's super cute and comes in a smaller packaging which is perfect for your purse. This hand cream is really heavily scented, which I don't mind, because the fragrance of this collection is perfect. Very fresh, strong & infused with citrus, it also has notes of crisp apple, fig flower, basil and - my personal favourite - pear. I've noticed pear is one of my favourite notes and it makes this scent very special, it really does scream morning. The hand cream is so light but luxurious at the same time, I just love the formula, I need to try other hand creams from this brand to see if they all have the same wonderful consistency. The price is 6,10€ in Müller in Slovenia.

Awakening Shower Dew

This is a clear shower gel with the same citrus fresh scent, perhaps a bit lighter than the hand cream. I feel like it's very invigorating, it cleanses my skin perfectly & smells beautiful, it's perfect for morning use because that scent will wake you right up. The price is 9,90€ - perhaps a bit on the pricy side?


I'm a bit torn, because I. Freaking. Love. This. Scent. It's so beautiful ... So perfect, and unisex as well. I want to wear it every day, unfortunately, as I've mentioned several times, my skin drinks up perfume like nothing and it disappears on me in 15 minutes. If your skin isn't like that, it might stay for hours, I'm not sure, but I've found a good solution - use it as room spray! I work from home now and when I spray this it stays for hours on bedding & pillows, making my room smell better than any candle. At 28,50€ it's a little expensive, but if you adore the scent like I do, you won't have too much trouble with that price.

A wonderful crisp & fresh collection, Eau des Matines is just beautiful and worth a try. My favourite product is the cologne, but for best value, try the hand cream. Available in Maxi, Nama & Müller in Slovenia.
Have you heard/tried anything from Le Couvent Des Minimes before?